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You CANNOT save a .MSWMM (Microsoft Windows Movie Maker) file to a flash drive or any other removable device.

The .MSWMM file must first be "Published" (Vista version) or "Finished" (XP version) in the WMM program before it can be viewed in a media player, emailed, uploaded or burned to CD/DVD. This finalizes the project by means of "mixing down" audio/video properties.

Movie Maker files that are not Published or Finished can only be viewed/edited in the Windows Movie Maker program. Here are instructions on how to Publish/Finish your WMM project so that it can be saved to a flash drive or other portable/removable device:

> With your project in the time-line view of WMM

> Click on View and Tasks, to open the task pane

> Under Publish to ---- (Windows Vista v2.6)
> Under Finish Movie (Windows Xp v2.1)

> choose - This computer

> Name the movie and select a destination to save it in ---
(Choose/make a folder to save it in that you can access easily)

> Click Next

> Select option: Best quality for playback on my computer (recommended)

> Click Publish or Finish (depending on your WMM version)

When the video is published/finished, you should be able to find it in the folder you saved it in. Click on it and it should open up in the media player you use. If it does, you have successfully Published/Finished the project.


** A WMM project is still in "unfinished" form(.MSWMM)and can only be viewed/edited in Windows Movie Maker.

** A PUBLISHED/FINISHED WMM video is the "finalized" format.

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first you need to export it... just go to file--->Export or type command+E

Next Select you resolution, i would recommend Large, Name your project, tell it where to save it, hit export and let iMovie do the rest.

After just drag the file into your flash drive, if you didn't save it there, and your done.

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The great thing about imovie is that you DONT save. It saves automatically.

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Q: How do you Save a windows movie maker file to a flash drive?
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Flash Pro is Mac formatted and will need to be converted for use in Windows Movie Maker.

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Go to youtube and search "muzzle flash in windows movie maker tutorial". Hope this helps.

How do you do a muzzle flash on windows live movie maker?

That can't be done on Windows Live Movie Maker. Add the Muzzle flash to the video prior to importing it into Windows Live.

Is it possible to download programs like windows movie maker or youtube video converter on a flash drive?

Depends on how many GBs your flash drive is. Can't hurt to try though. The flash drive will tell you whether or not you have to space to hold the programs.

Is there a download for Windows Movie Maker where you can create muzzle flashes like gunshots and if so where could you download it?

Not that I know of (and I have all versions of Windows Movie Maker). In any case, the muzzle flash you are referring to sounds like an Effect to me. Try using a keyword search for: flash effects for windows movie maker. I am sure you will come up with several results to choose from.

Can you download windows movie maker when you have already got windows movie maker?

Yes, you can.I have both the 2.6 version of Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker.

Can you download Windows Movie Maker when you have already got Windows Live Movie Maker?

Yes, you can.I have both the 2.6 version of Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker.

Why wont windows movie maker allow you to put audio on from a flash drive?

The audio file you are trying to import into Windows Movie Maker is probably not compatible with the program. Audio files compatible with Windows Movie Maker include:aif, .aifc, .aiff .asf, .au, .mp2, .mp3, .mpa, .snd, .wav, .wmaIf the file name extension (format) of the audio in not one of those listed above, you are going to have to convert it before it can be imported.

How do you save a movie from movie maker into a usb?

I assume you are asking how to save a Windows Movie Maker project to a USB Flash drive (Jump drive). First you have to make sure the project has been Published or Finished in the Windows Movie Maker Program. MSWMM files are Movie Maker files that can't be moved, uploaded, viewed, burned or sent anywhere without first being converted to a Standard Viewing format. That is what Publishing/Finishing does. It mixes-down audio/video properties into a SVF (Standard Viewing Format). Once you have exported your MSWMM file (Finished/Published it), then you can simply upload the file to any portable device, such as a USB Flash or Jump drive, phone, ipod, etc.

Is there a Windows Movie Maker 5.1?

That would be Windows Live Movie Maker.

What is the acronym for Windows Movie Maker?

WMM is the acronym for Windows Movie Maker.

How do you morph a picture on windows movie maker?

You can't do that on Windows Movie Maker.