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Why do ambulances have sirens?

They have a siren so that they can alert motorists to the fact that they have to get past traffic to get to their destination as fast as possible. Motorists are suppose to pull to the side of the road to get out of the way for them.

While transporting a car crash victim in an ambulance do the sirens and lights have to be on?

Depends on patient condition. If there is an immediate threat to life or limb, then the lights and siren should be used. Otherwise, they shouldn't. They come with an inherent risk of distracting other drivers and possibly causing accidents, and in today's "I'm the most important person in the world" ( Full Answer )

Why do sirens sound weird when ambulances or fire trucks drive by?

When the vehicle is moving towards you, the sound waves are shoved in front of it, and that makes them sound higher-pitched - then, after it has passed and is moving away from you, the sound waves slow back down and you hear the pitch drop.

Who were the Sirens?

The Sirens were young and beautiful bird-woman (similar to harpies) in Greek Mythology who lured sailors with their enchanting voices. Sailors entranced this way dove into the sea to be with the Sirens, or sailed their ships into the rocks and to their death. The Sirens are most famous for being in ( Full Answer )

What does a world war 2 air raid siren sound like?

Go out and buy a World War 2 documentary. I remember once as a child hearing the air raid sirens all go off in wakefield, UK. Yes you could go and buy a video from world war two, you could search 'carter air raid siren' on the web... Carter being the UK air raid siren, and that will be close. It is ( Full Answer )

What is a siren?

Sirens are either Greek mythological monsters that lullunsuspecting victims by singing to them OR loud, screechingmachines that are used to indicate the danger of a certain area.

What do sirens do?

The Sirens (Greek Mythology) lured sailors with beautiful music, and made them either throw themselves into the sea and drown or crash into rocks, and die. Modern day sirens produce loud noises to alert people from far distances.

Speed of sound is approx 740mph a police car with its siren sounding is approaching you at 80mph at what speed is the sound from the police siren approaching you?

The sound moves through the air at 740 mph, regardless of the speed of the source. The sound of the siren passes you at 740 mph. However, since the source is approaching you, more waves pass you each second than leave the source each second. That's why the pitch of the sound from an approaching sou ( Full Answer )

What conditions would have to be met when an ambulance with its siren on not to exhibit the Doppler effect?

If the ambulance was moving either towards you or away from you it would exhibit the Doppler effect. \n \n \nI.E. Higher pitch if it was moving towards you and lower pitch if it was moving away from you. \n \n \nThe change is most noticeable if the vehicle passes you. Presumably more noticeable w ( Full Answer )

What were the precautions for when an air siren sounded during World War 2?

The air raid sirens sounded when approaching bombers were picked up on radar or were seen crossing the coast and heading for large cities. The sirens warned people to head for air raid shelters or to take cover in their own homes. When the danger was over, the sirens sounded again with a different t ( Full Answer )

When a ambulance has its lights on but no siren what does that mean?

Activation of lights OR siren indicates that there is an emergency . Please be courteous and assume nothing else or lives can be jeopardized. While local laws may vary , the general rule of thumb is... 1. All drivers and pedestrians should attempt to safely move to the side of the road (movi ( Full Answer )

Why ambulance has siren?

why a ambulance has a siren a ambulance has a siren because if someones about to die from being stabed and the ambulance is caught in traffic the person will die so a siren will create a sound that the cars in front can hear they'll move out the way so the ambulance can get to the person fast

How do you spell the sound a tiger makes?

Both lions and tigers "roar" or "growl". But the cougar, cheetah, and some other smaller cats have a distinctive higher-pitched "yowl" instead of a roar.

Why a fire engines siren sounds lower in pitch after the fire engine passes you?

The effect that you are hearing is called the Doppler effect. Sound is created by vibrations in the air. The faster the vibration, the higher the pitch of the sound. When the fire engine is stationary, we hear the sound waves at the same rate that they are being generated. When the fire engine is ( Full Answer )

What does a tornado siren sound like?

The sounds of tornado sirens may vary slightly from one area to another. Basically, a tornado warning siren has an eeire wail. One could hear the sounds of tornado sirens on numerous YouTube videos.

What sound do ambulances make?

When ambulances are responding to a Priority One job (urgent situation) they activate the sirens and warning lights to alert other vehicles to let the ambulance through. The ambulance siren can be set to a variety of different sounds and volumes.

When an ambulance with full lights and sirens travels a bumper to bumper highway what should motorists do if they cannot move to the shoulder of the road?

Many highways become so busy that bumper to bumper traffic makes it nearly impossible to move to the shoulder of the road. When an ambulance approaches from the rear and motorists are in bumper to bumper traffic, the motorists should STAY PUT. The ambulance will use the shoulder (on left or on the m ( Full Answer )

What is the sound or pitch when an ambulance goes by?

This is the doppler effect. If an ambulance is driving towards Jon, the sound waves are tightly stacked in front of the ambulance and are heard by Jon at a high frequency (high pitch). But behind the ambulance the sound waves are lagging because the ambulance is driving away from they sound waves (t ( Full Answer )

What does a siren do to you?

A siren will drown you but no worries it is a mermaid and mermaids are myths and myths are not real.

What do sirens do to you?

drown you but no worries a siren is a mermaid and mermaids are myths and myhts are not real.

What is the sound of a ambulance?

It depends on where you are in the world. In the US, most ambulances sirens have 2 or 3 settings....a long, slowly ascending and descending Whooo sound, a short rapidly ascending and descending warble tone, and sometimes a 3rd, higher, louder, phazer sound (my favorite to get attention of complace ( Full Answer )

Who is in an ambulance?

Ambulances are commonly staffed in two person crews. The type of licensure these people have depend on the type of ambulance they are operating in. There are two different types of ambulances: Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). A BLS truck is staffed with at least one EMT-Bas ( Full Answer )

Where can one listen to the sound of an air raid siren?

There should be sound clips online that can be downloaded. Alternatively, for the real thing some war re-enacting societies will most likely have one and use it ate their re-enactments or knowing someone in such a society it may be possible to twist their arm into "stretching its legs".

Why do you hear a higher pitched sound when an ambulance is moving toward you and a lower sound when an ambulance is moving away from you than you would if you and the ambulance were both at rest?

That's called the "Doppler" effect, named for the scientist who explained it. You're standing still, but the train or ambulance is moving toward you. The horn or siren is going. The sound waves go out in every direction, at the speed of sound (about 750 miles per hour, depending on atmospheric pre ( Full Answer )