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Q: How do you abbreviate senoritas?
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Is a senoritas a producer or a consumer?

Senoritas are consumers, as they obtain energy by eating other organisms.

What are the release dates for Sauce and Senoritas - 1920?

Sauce and Senoritas - 1920 was released on: USA: April 1920

What do you call women that are from Spain?


Is there a plural for the word senorita?


What actors and actresses appeared in Sauce and Senoritas - 1920?

The cast of Sauce and Senoritas - 1920 includes: Babe London Joe Rock

What is the abbreviation for senoritas?

Srta. = señorita

How do you say only girls in spanish?

Solamente senoritas/muchachas

What does senoritas que bonitas mean in English?

The girls are pretty

How do you rewrite ese hombre es ingles pero aquel es espanol senoritas and replace hombre with senoritas?

Esas señoritas son Inglés, pero aquellas son señoritas españolas.

How do you abbreviate the word advisory?

i abbreviate it as advs. You could also abbreviate it as adv.

How do you abbreviate challenge?

How do you abbreviate challenges

How do you abbreviate municipal?

how do I abbreviate municiply