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By a medical or suction abortion. Speak to your doctor.

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Q: How do you abort first pregnancy of less than one month?
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How do you abort less than 1 month pregnancy?

Jump off a ladder

Will any edible item stop pregnancy that is less than a month old?

i heard that raw eggs will do it.

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Would a doctor request a pap smear if less then an a month pregnant?

A pap smear is a normal part of prenatal care. It poses no harm to the pregnancy.

Could a 2 days less menstrual cycle mean pregnancy?

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If you are a month pregnant and your breasts are not sore should you be concerned if your breasts were very sore during your last two pregnancies?

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Which period is the less harmful to the mother if she wants to abort?

The first trimester, the earlier the better. By 21 weeks are the risks for complications the same as for childbirth. As long as you have it done by a professional none of the methods are harmful to the woman.

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