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How do you access the turn signal flasher on a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue?


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Instead of removing the A/C vent, remove the kick panel under the steering column and also the speedo assembly. You will have great access to the switch and the whole project should only take 20 minutes. When removing everything just remember to be gentle, you are dealing with plastic.

Under the hood....there are two white pegs that hold the whole headlight piece in...take those out and then pull of the black rubber top over the hole (should be round) and you are there.

I have a 2000 and the turn signal flasher and the hazzads are one unit. I found that if my turn signal stops flashing I can wiggle the hazzard switch to get it working, this is due to a loose connection. Getting to the whole switch requires removing the bezel around the instrument panel. then you can access it from the right hand side. Found a lot of "snap together" dash components on this car. It is much easier to access the flasher/hazard switch by easily prying out the center vents. The flasher unit and cruise control switch are then easily accessible just to the left of this opening. It should be noted that the fault is usually not with hazard/flasher unit but with the multi-function control on the left side of the steering column which is a $250 part to replace unless you can get it from a junk yard.

Here is THE answer as to how to replace the hazard flasher in a 2001 Intrigue!!

Remove Hazard/cruise bezel on front of dash and be very careful as it breaks easily.

1. Remove the center air conditioning vent in the dash. The vent is held in the dash by (4) PLASTIC hooks. Two on top and two on the bottom. The top left hook is almost directly above the left vent adjustment tab on the louver and the bottom left hook is in about the same spot below. The top and bottom right hand hooks are above and below the right louver adjustment tab similar to the left side. They break easily!!!

(2) After removing the vent you will be able to see the Hazard/cruise control retainer. This retainer is made from black plastic and has (2) rather large flaps on the left and right side of the hazard switch which is in the top part of the carrier. Simply squeeze BOTH together and the whole thing will fall out behind the dash.

(3) Both the switches have the usual electrical connections. The hazard switch has a whitetab on the right side that is depressed to free the connector. The cruise switch has a green lift tab to free the connector. You can now remove the carrier with both switches.

(4) The hazard switch is in a green sleeve which must be removed from the black group carrier. Figures doesn't it! to do that depress the green tabs on the sides of the sleeve to get it out, I had to break the tabs off to do that. Do not worry about breaking the tabs since the new part includes this sleeve. The new part from GM at the dealer cost 71.86 as of 10/27/08.

(5) Now replace the faulty switch and reassemble. If you have the part in hand BEFORE you start this should be a 30 minute job.

Another comment if the turn signals do not work but the cornering lights do then try this first

The hazard switch is the fix for my 2000 Intrigue. Could not get the part locally so sprayed electrical cleaner into the switch seems to be a good fix so far , we will see how long it will last until I have to order the part from the GM website. 2/13/2010


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The 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue turn signal flasher control module is below the dashboard on the drivers side of the passenger compartment. The signal flasher control module should be labeled as such.

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It is integrated with the hazard flasher switch on the dash. I've heard the easiest access is to remove the A/C vents, but never tried it.

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In the fuse box under the hood. There is a diagram on the lid of the box.

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Probably part of the hazard warning module - part of the hazard switch

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