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How do you acid wash an inground pool?


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2011-01-17 16:53:30
2011-01-17 16:53:30

acid washing pools take a lot of life out of the plaster and can make it rough. What I would do first is try a suspended acid wash. first bypass heater if there is one lower pH and let pool circulate a day or two then bring water back to correct balance. This usually removes stains and does the entire pool evenly without streaks and roughness


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You cant realy acid wash a pool without draining it as it takes a fairly strong solution of acid to clean the surfaces in a pool. However you can usually do a very nice job of cleaning the pool with a presure cleaner and fresh water.

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Add acid, Muriatic acid works best but Dry Acid is also used.

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Vacuum the pool to waste and/or empty the pool and shovel out the gunk. Sounds like the pool needs to be emptied anyway, so give it a chlorine wash (or acid wash) while its empty and then refill, add salt, install the necessary equipment and start over with a saline pool.

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