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Well if you don't really like as anything anymore, just ignore him. If he wants to talk, then talk. If you guys are still close, be normal.

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2010-02-17 21:31:46
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Q: How do you act when your ex comes around?
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How do you act around a guy who used to be you ex-friends ex?

dont talk to them unless they say something first

What causes a guy to run when his ex comes around?

alimony and child support payments

What do you do when your ex boyfriend used you?

You should use him! What goes around comes around! Or just ignore him. Your pick. Or shun him.

How can you make an ex notice you?

to make your ex notice you, you should tell them how you feel.Don't act weird around them..just be yourself and it will workout if its meant to be.

Why does your ex girlfriend blush uncontrollably when you run into her?

Because she still has feelings for you and doesn't know exactly how to act around you yet. For her sake, ignore it and act as normal as possible around her.

What is the moral of ''The Lion and the Mouse''?

No act of kindness however small is wasted. What goes around, comes around.

Explain WHat Goes Around Comes Around?

You might here it being referred as KARMA. It means what you do and how you act will be done the same for you. EX: you make fun of someones will get pimples. Stuff like that is considered karma. Think about it, has something like that ever happened to you?

How d oyou know if your boyfrined is still in love with his ex-girlfriend?

if he talks about her and or doesnt act himself around you

How do you make your ex want you back?

Be normal act like you don't care what they say or how they act around you, do not start flirting or dating someone else. Smile at your ex when they look at you. If they start to talk to you tell them that you enjoyed you're time together.

Should you date your ex's best friend.You are just getting out of your relationship with your ex and you have always been nervous around her best friend and she seems to notice.What do you do?

Tell them how you feel and point out the complications it could cause, due to their relationship with your ex. Then leave it up to them to act next, if they do nothing then no harm has been done, if they act on it and ask you out, then you will have to deal with any consequences and hurt feelings that will fly around.

What can you do if your name was on a joint account with your ex without your knowledge and now it has damaged your credit rating?

That sucks. The only thing you can do is pay the accounts off and hope that your ex has enough integrity to pay you back.Remember what goes around comes around.

How do you know if an ex is still interseted?

If they keep in contact with you more than most people and sometimes they will act fishy around you. They will not be themselves.

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