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Mine activated when I downloaded them while the game disc was in the PS3. You could put in your game disc and go to your downloads at the PlayStation Store and see if that works for you

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Q: How do you activate the downloaded content for Littlebigplanet PS3?
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Can you transfer downloaded content from normal Littlebigplanet to Littlebigplanet game of the year edition?

The content is in your PS3 not on the game disc

Is there any Downloadable content in littlebigplanet for psp?

no only in the PS3 version!

Can you play downloaded content on a ps3 that someone on a different profile downloaded?

if they send it to you

If you put Littlebigplanet game of the year game into your ps3 will you have the downloadable content?


Can Littlebigplanet 2 can be used from the psm only?

LittleBigPlanet 2 is only for the PS3

Is Littlebigplanet 2 only on PSP and PS3?

No it is only for the PS3 and not for the PSP

Is ps3 LittleBigPlanet's internet community the same community as psp LittleBigPlanet?

no that's like asking if the PSP can play with the PS3 and they have different games

Can you play Littlebigplanet on the computer?

No LittleBigPlanet is a PS3 or a PSP game and is not available in a PC version

Can you get Littlebigplanet 2 on Xbox 360?

nope. littlebigplanet 2 is only for the ps3 people.

Why does PS3 games have to be a lot of money?

only if its new and on a dvd. if you want to get free games for your ps3 you can get a friends ps3 info. make a user for that person on your ps3. then you go to the ps3 store and go to the downloaded content to redownload the games he bought.

Where can you download Littlebigplanet for ps3?

From the Playstation Store

What systems can you play Littlebigplanet on?

on psp and ps3