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Well i think maybe the only way is to lie to send a message and lie or make your parents write a real message if your still a kid or maybe send im sorry or something or it wil not happen again anything that makes sense.

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Q: How do you activate your panfu account again when you been deactivated?
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How do you delete a Panfu account without logging in?

You can send an email to Panfu and ask them to delete your account. The email must be sent from the account you used to register your Panfu account.

How do you get an account on Panfu?

you go on Panfu and then you will reach the website then click on PLay for Free and then you got ya self an account

How do you get free account on panfu?

Panfu is free.If you would like to be a gold member, is costs money, but you do not have to pay to get an account!

Does Miley Cyrus have a panfu account?


Does lady gaga have a panfu account?

No, she doesn't.

Can you become a panfu member without paying?

Yes,you can activate a code in the coin on the up and its on the left you just type there -thank you by Royalstar if you see me add me on panfu

Free gold panfu accounts?

No you can't have a free panfu account you can only be a gold panda if you buy it.

Do you have a gold package panfu account?

no i used to be lol :[

How do you activate the gold package on Panfu?

you can find the answer if you type this question on wiki answers : what is the code for a gold package on panfu? by the way i have a panda on it called : qwertykyla try and find it if you really want the answer

Panfu a free gold panda account?

lillbyanil abba

What are fun account websites?

Farmville Webkinz Facebook Panfu

Where is a free Panfu member account?

You can find some in your Internet browser .