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You have at least three options to add a PowerPoint to Moodle.

Option1. Import a PowerPoint as webpage

You can follow these steps to import now.

1. Save a PowerPoint as HTML webpage

Open a PowerPoint Presentation

Go to File-> Save As

Select Web Page from the drop-down of Save As Type

Click Save

2. Zip the folder

Browse to the folder created by Saving As Web Page

Zip only the folder but not the HTML file with a zipping program

3. Import to Moodle

Run a Moodle course in Edit mode

Add an Activity-> Add a Lesson, name a lesson and set settings

Select Import PowerPoint in the drop-down list

Browse to the Zip file on the local disk and click to upload

Option 2. Import a PowerPoint as a SCORM Course (With Animations, transitions, videos and sounds)

Use a conversion tool to convert a PowerPoint to SCORM course, such as PPT2Flash Professional to convert PowerPoint to SCORM course.

Option 3. Convert PowerPoint to Slide-cast

This third option requires that you install the slide-cast plug-in on your Moodle server. This plug-in is available here:

Once installed, you can convert your PowerPoint to a slide-cast and add audio to the slides.

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Q: How do you add PowerPoint files to moodle?
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