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Your spouse can get a separate policy (usually cheaper) or you can contact your insurance company to get the right paperwork for adding your spouse. Adding your spouse as a beneficiary, your agent can help.

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Q: How do you add a spouse to your life insurance?
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How do you add spouse to health insurance?

how do you add spouse to your blue cross blue shield health insurance

I just had a baby can I add my baby and spouse to my health plan?

You can add your baby. But unless there was a life event with your spouse (just married, just lost job or insurance), you probably cannot add him. Check with your insurance carrier to be sure.

Is surviving spouse the legal beneficiary of a life insurance policy if a different beneficiary is named?

No, the spouse is not. The beneficiary is named. There are laws that require the spouse to sign an acknowledgement that there is life insurance that she is not the beneficiary of.

Can one buy life insurance for their spouse?

Yes one can buy life insurance for his or her spouse because he or she has insurable interest in the spouse. One would not like to see his or her spouse die so there is no moral hazard involved.

Can a spouse change a life insurance policy without letting the other spouse know?


Can an ex lay claim to their former spouse's life insurance if a new spouse was named as the beneficiary?


What is the surviving spouse eligible for after a death?

life insurance payouts

Can a person put another person on their insurance?

If it is Life Insurance, you can select any person you want as beneficiary. If it is Health Insurance, you can add a spouse and/or dependents. This will change your premium so you need to contact your Insurance Company for forms and approval.

How can a person be a beneficiary of a life insurance policy if the spouse of the deceased is still alive?

In rare cases, a person will make a close friend or relative the beneficiary of their life insurance policy instead of their spouse.

What is credit life insurance?

Joint credit life insurance is money paid to you or your spouse if either of your are ever arrested on drug charges.

How do you split life insurance money between spouse and three children?

Spouse gets 100% unless noted in will

Is surviving spouse entitled to share life insurance payments?

Whether or not a surviving spouse is entitiled to any life insurance proceeds DEPENDS on the fact that most, if not all, policies must be paid to the named beneficiaries in the insurance policy records.

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