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Without knowing what operating system you are using we may not be able to describe this accurately. Windows XP - Start Menu - Settings - Control Panel - User Accounts - Create New Account

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2006-04-11 02:58:37
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Q: How do you add a user to your computer?
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How do you create new user?

to create a new user account in win xp, you go to the control panel of the computer and sellect user accounts, then you add a new account by clicking on add user account

How do you add another user to your computer so that they can have their own Favorites?

an admin must add new users

Why are multiuser systems successful?

Because you can add a user to your computer and have a different profile then another user, instead of buying another computer. This makes it cost effective.

How do you make a new user on the computer?

Click Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove User Accounts > Create New Account

Which kind of devices allows the user to add components and capabilities to a computer system?

expansion slots

How do you make users on your computer?

Windows XP: Start-control panel-switch to classic view(top left corner)-user accounts-add Vista: Start-control panel-classic view-user accounts-manage user accounts-add

How can you add a new user to your computer or laptop?

PC- click on control panel and then account Mac-Prefenence,then account,click lock button,add

Name for computer user on the computer?

Administrator or user. administrator.

What is a pheripheral input device?

A peripheral Input device is a device that is plugged into the computer to add data from the user to the computer. One good example is a keyboard.

Name some GPO settings in the computer and user parts?

Group Policy Object (GPO) computer=Computer Configuration, User=User ConfigurationName some GPO settings in the computer and user parts

When was Amstrad Computer User created?

Amstrad Computer User was created in 1984.

When did Amstrad Computer User end?

Amstrad Computer User ended in 1992.

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