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Q: How do you add downloads to the sims 1 PC?
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How do you get downloads into the sims 1?

C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\DownloadsWhen you're opening a .rar file, extract and go to your hard drive, program files, maxis, the sims, and then downloads.

I just downloaded stuff for Sims 1 Deluxe how do I put it on my game?

You put your downloads in your Sims/ Downloads folder. Make sure you have all expansions required or your game may crash.

Can you get your sim pregnant on sims 1 for PC?


Is there such thing as Sims 1?

Yes, it's for PC

How Do You Get 90 plus residential lots on The Sims 1 PC?

You have to install the 'Unleashed' add-on. (They are not all residential lots but you can make them into residential lots by building over them)

Is there a sims 2 superstar expansion pack?

No there is only the sims superstar, not the sims 2 superstar.Sorry!Additional Details:I Have The Sims 1 And The Sims 2 on PC

Can you install the sims in more than 1 PC?


What is the PC game which has all the sims 1 games on one disk?

i think its the sims complete collection

How do you unlock tattoo's on Sim's 1?

i don't think you can get tattoo's on the sims 1 but how do you unlock more funrniture on the sims one PC !

Can you have a baby on sims 1 PC?

You can have babys on sims 1, but you can only make them on the love bed, and the social worker comes alot, I prefer sims 2 & 3.

Do you have to stay in your house on The Sims 1 PC?

im sure with the sims makin magic, the sims unleashed, the sims super star and the sims vacation you can go to different places

Can sims on sims 1 murder each other without using any downloads?

I think so, if you get a sims relation ship at -100, they will fight but I don't know if they can KILL each other.