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first what type of action ?

version 1.2 for gamecube

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Q: How do you add new codes for games to your action replay disc?
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What do you do with the action replay disc?

you can put it in a PC and download it so you can get newer codes for newer games.

What does the disc do on the action replay dsi?

You install the Action Replay Manager on your computer with it. You can use the Action Replay Manger in order to update your Action Replay with the newest game codes.

How do you reset an Action Replay DS v1.54 to it's factory settings?

well the way u reset it is put ur action replay in hold a+b turn on ur Nintendo ds then when it comes on hold selct and start whilst holding a+b and it should restart your memory (WARNING!!!!) YOU WILL NEED TO INSTALL YOUR ACTION REPLAY DISC IN TO RE ADD ALL OF YOUR CODES BACK ON TO YOUR ACTION REPLAY AS IT ERASES ALL OF YOUR GAMES AND CODES BUT THE DISC IT COMES WITH CONTAINS ALL THE CODES THAT THE ACTION REPLAY CAME WITH

I got a disc and cable with action replay can you get cheats from computer to action replay?

u can use the action replay software or u can go on the internet for codes

How do you get codes on to an action replay do you have to connect it up to the internet or can you just type the ones you know in and were do i find or get action replay codes HELP?

you download new codes using your PC that has downloaded the disc the action replay came with, to find new codes search on Google: action replay codes for [insert game name here]

How do you put action replay codes on action replay GameCube?

I believe you have to install the Action Replay Code Manager Disc onto your computer. You can then transfer codes from there. You can get more information on the Action Replay here:

How can you enter action replay without an action replay disc?

You have to have the disc in the computer.

How do you add a code to Pikmin 2 in the Action Replay GameCube disc?

I'm gonna answer my own question: You need Action Replay Gamecube MAX to put codes onto the disc.

How do you use gamecube Action Replay v1.2?

you put the action replay disc in and pick your game then you get the codes you want when your done press a button and it will show you what to do

What is an action replay code manager?

Action Replay code manager is a disc which you put in your computer(Doesn't work for window 7)this will allow you to put long AR codes to your Action Replay. This way, you don't need to type long codes manually.

What does the disk that comes with action replay DS do?

The disc that comes with the Action Replay DS is the "Action Replay Code Manager". You can add, delete, and modify codes by using it. It is extremely helpful because you can just paste the long codes in there, instead of manually entering them. You can download the Action Replay Code Manager using the disc that came with it, or you can download it at Codejunkies. You can find out a tutorial on how to install the Action Replay Code Manager and how to add codes using it at WARC:

You never received a disc and need to update action replay?

there's this site where you get the codes thing and you download it watch youtube how to use action replay and you will find the site.

How do you make the Action Replay DSI work for my Pokemon SoulSilver?

Just insert the game in the Action Replay DSi. Choose the codes you want or go to the option of adding a new code. You can use the Action Replay DSi Code Manager to insert new codes faster and manage existing codes. You can download it from a disc included with the Action Replay DSi or download it from the online website(aka SoulSilver should be recognized by your Action Replay DSi when you go into the 'Codes' menu option.

Where do you put the cheat codes on diamond and pearl?

If you want to put in cheat codes for diamond and pearl, you need an action replay disc for you nintendo.

What does the old action replay disc go to?

If by "action replay disc" you mean the installation disc for the computer software that comes with Action Replay DS/DSi, once you've installed it you can throw it away.

How do you type in really long action replay codes fast?

Have someone else do it - JOKE If you have the action replay disc, (comes with it/ about the size of a gamecube disc), you can move the codes from a website to the Action Replay Manager- (the disc) and then if you have the usb cable (also comes with AR) you can download them to your AR. But typing them in isn't so bad I type almost all of mine in and my brothers plus I write them all down, even the super long ones...

How do you download codes from the internet to your action replay code manager?

Register to CodeJunkies. (free) then download the disc that came with the A. replay. Download

How do you upload codes from your PC to your DS with action replay?

you have to put your action replay cartridge into your ds and then install the disc wich comes with it and then it will autimaticily upload it just choose the cheats you want

Is there an action replay ultimate codes disc for final fantasy 12?

No as of right now there isn't. (tough luck)

How do you get a replacement disc for the action replay?

you have to buy a new action replay. trust me it has happened to me to.

What do you do if your DSi action replay doesn't let you play your game?

IF it stops or its red then just insert the disc inside the computer. then click on the left icon on the top. then click on about action replay. it will delete your codes but you can insert more codes by typing the game name . dont forget to put the usb cable in the action replay game.ooh one more thing drag all the codes that you want for that game.the thing to fix action replay dsi says on the booklet of action replay.

How do you enter action replay codes on white version?

You either need to buy the new updated versions of action replay, or update it yourself on the ar code manager (the disc that came with the ar)

Were do you get an action replay disc?

it comes with the action replay chip thingy if u buy it at target

How do you update your action replay without a disc?

Click "Software Upgrade" in the Action Replay window.

Can you get cheats without the disc for action replay?

The cheats for the action replay you can't. But if you can regularly enter them without a replay then yes.