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you first add some pages, and go to the microphone icon thingy you can record something off of anything

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Q: How do you add real songs to Flipnote Studio?
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How do you add music to a flipnote in Flipnote Studio?

While creating a Flipnote, you will see a microphone icon at the top of the screen. Click that. Then click The "Music" button, and you will be recording.

How do I get Flipnote Studio on my 3DS?

While there is no way to download Flipnote Studio to the 3DS at this point, Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that there will be a sequel to Flipnote Studio for the 3DS. It, like its predecessor, will also be free for download.Flipnote Studio is not yet available for the Nintendo 3DS, nor will a separate 3DS version be made. When the eShop launches in late May, you will be able to download it as well as any other DSiWare titles, or you can transfer it over from a DSi.You currently cannot transfer Flipnote Studio or any other DSiWare application to your 3DS. This will become available via a system update in the coming months. It should be here in may. :)Currently the 3DS does not have its own application like Flipnote Studio. However, you will be able to purchase it and most other DSiWare titles when the eShop launches in May.

Add your own songs to guitar heroes on ps3?

Guitar Hero for the PS3 comes with 80 different songs. It is possible to add your own songs onto your PS3 by going to music studio and then to recording studio.

How do you get extra colors on flipnote studio?

There is no way to add colors to flipnote studio, but you can make colors by mixing. e.g. red + blue = purple. here is how... 1.(layer 1-blue) fill the screen 2.(layer 2-red) use paint on tool 5 and fill the screen. try experimenting and making your own

How do you get fonts on your flipnote studio dsi?

It is really hard for me to get fonts on flipnotes. One way is by downloading an unlock flipnote of fonts and copy the page. Another way is by writing every letter, number, etc. on my computer and take a photo to my DSi's console; then I go to flipnote hatena and in the part of putting photos from the console and add the photo of the font. Also I do fonts by myself.

How do you move flipnotes on dsi flipnote studio?

I am not quite sure what you mean, but here are some possibilities. To move a Flipnote to the trash, tap it, press Details, and click Erase. To make a Flipnote be at the front of the most recent page in your Studio, go to it, click Edit, and tap Save. Moving to a folder is easy. Tap the Flipnote, click Details, and add a sticker. It will go to the folder that has that same sticker. Finally, moving to an SD Card. You go to the Flipnote, press edit, click Save, and instead of tapping System Memory, tap Other. Then choose Save to SD Card. Once the note has gone to the SD Card, you can delete it from your System Memory. It will stay on the card.

How do you do the hatena Japanese glitch?

You could add stars to a Japanese flipnote on hatena's website and then go to starred flipnotes on your DSi and click on it, or you could be EXTREMELY lucky and get a flipnote plus japan user to post a flipnote on the comments of a US flipnote.

How do you add stars to a flipnote on your dsi?

Go to a Flipnote you would like to add stars to. Press on it, then click Details on the bottom right of your screen. Then there should be a button that says Add Star. Click it and then you have added a star!

What are all of the ways to get green stars on flipnote hatena?

a. Let them advertise you b. Last of the flipnote put please add stars! c. Make your flipnote nice d. Look a, b and c!

How do you name a flipnote?

First, go on your PC and go to the Hatena website. Click on the Flipnote you wish to name, click "Add Title/Description," and type in your title. You can also add a description here.

How come when you try to add music to pinnacle studio 12 some songs add right away but some other songs just show an error sign?

You are not able to add WMA audio files (from Windows Media Player) or protect AAC files purchased on iTunes.

How do you make descriptions for flipnotes?

IDK either. It's probably done when you view your flipnote on Flipnote Hatena (the Internet) but I'm not sure. You'll have to check. I just found out something. When you are a Flipnote citizen, you can create channels. Maybe when you are a citizen, you can add descriptions. To be a Flipnote Hatena citizen, you must have been posting for more than 30 days.