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How do you adjust rear shocks on a 2007 Harley Davidson Street Bob?

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They are non adjustable you have to buy adjustable shocks (Progressive or Hagon)

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How do you adjust rear shocks on a 2008 Harley Davidson Low Rider?

You cannot. Stock shocks are not adjustable.

How do you adjust rear air shocks on a harley Davidson?

Could be an oil flow problem but..............the back Jug always runs hotter!

Will your harley Davidson sportster shocks 2007 fit a 80 Yamaha 650 maxim?


Can you adjust shocks on 99 fat boy?

The shocks on a 1999 Harley Fat Boy are not really adjustable. There are kits that lower the bike available on the after market.

What kind of oil goes in the air shocks on an Harley-Davidson Road King and how much?


How do you adjust rear shock on a 2009 Harley Davidson Fatboy?

The shocks are underneath the bike tranny area. Not sure stock shocks have adjustments, but if they do; you will see them under the bike. yes the shocks will be under the trans the shocks will be stock, if you want to raise your back end you can do it by using a ring spanner, there will be two ajusting nuts there, if you want lower your ride purchase lowering kit and get you local Harley mechanic to install causes you need a hydraulic press to install should take half hour to install and will change the look of your ride

Where is the transmission drain plug on a twin cam harley Davidson?

Can't Speak for all Twin Cams but on my 04 Heritage is between the shocks underneath the frame..

Adjusting the hidden shocks on a 2002 Harley Davidson Soft-tail?

There are no adjustments. Compression and rebound are set from the factory. If you want a different ride height, you will have to buy aftermarket parts and rebuild the shocks, or replace them completely with after market shocks which can feature adjustable ride height.

How much weight can a 1997 harley Davidson wide glide carry?

unless your 100000 lbs you should be fine, but they sell shocks for certain weights online for bikes

How do you check your Harley Davidson Road King shocks?

The Road King shocks are air adjustable via an air valve located on the right side of the bike just above the rear tire. Your Harley Davidson owner's manual will tell you what the shocks should be pressurized to depending upon the load on your bike (for instance - if you'll be carrying a passenger - the pressure should be a bit higher than it would be if you were riding solo). Don't even attempt to read the pressure unless you have the specialized "hand pump" that is used to pressurize the shocks. You can purchase this from Harley Davidson or via a third party online. The valve is a typical bicycle / auto air valve - but ... DO NOT attempt to pressurize it with anything but the specialized hand pump. Using anything else will risk over pressurization of your shocks and that's not good. The shocks hold a very small volume of air at relatively low pressure levels - so the hand pump is a must have.

How can you raise the back of your Harley?

If it's a swingarm-type model use longer shocks, if it's a Softail use shorter shocks. Or you can use height-adjustable air shocks on any Harley with a rear suspension.

How do you lower 1980 Harley fx?

With shorter shocks.

How do you adjust rear shocks on sportster?

Use a spanner wrench $10 from Harley. Turn the base of the shock to the setting you want. 2nd to the lowest for solo and higher for 2 up.

Rear shock adjustment on a harley Davidson dyna wide glide?

You need a spanner wrench that can be picked up at your local dealer. I got mine for $10. You can only adjust the pre-load not the actual spring rate unless you purchased adjustable springs/shocks. Turn clockwise to increase pre-load and counter clockwise to decrease.

How do you put oil in shocks Harley road ring?

very carefully

How much air pressure in the rear shocks for a 2002 harley Davidson road king?

i suggest using ONLY a bicycle pump. Never any other kind of pressure and onlly 6 lbs. More will blow them out.

How much air can be placed in the rear shocks of a 2000 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Standard?

It should tell you in a service manual, but if I remember corrcetly; I wouldn't put in more than 15-20 psi. Unless you have the H-D rear lowering shocks. You can up tp 50 psi on those.

Are Harley Davidson front ends made in America?

No they are not. They are made by SHOWA witch is a japan shock mfg. Most rear shocks are showa too. Ur front forks will say SHOWA JAPAN on the inside right where the fender mounts are.

How do you adjust the shocks on a Isuzu Rodeo?

there are no adjustment less you have air shock

What is torque specification on rear shocks harley electra glide?

35-40 ft lbs

If you are 5'5 will you be able to touch the ground on a 1989 yz 125?

if you adjust the shocks.

How can you raise the seat on a Honda Rebel 450?

About the only way is to adjust your shocks

How do you adjust pro comp es1000 shocks?

ES 1000's are not adjustable .

How do you pressurize Harley air shocks?

Use a bicycle pump only! No more than 6 lbs.

How do you adjust the rear shocks on a 1980 xs650 Yamaha?

All you can adjust is the preload. You need a spanner wrench.