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How do you adjust the headlights in a 2004 Expedition?


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2012-11-03 04:35:05
2012-11-03 04:35:05

There is a way to do this correctly. I found out the hard way. The first thing is to loosen up the vertical housing screw behind the housing (10 mm screw). Next remove the two top horizontal screws completely (also 10mm screws). The third step is to turn the skinny horizontal screw behind the housing (the one with a very small head and the thread is bigger than the head) You will need a pair of long nose pliers or a very small box wrench. Do it counterclockwise if you want to raise the light or clockwise if you want to lower it. It takes many turns to make a difference, so be patient. Once it's at the desired height, reattach the two top screws and tighten them, but not completely. Next tighten the vertical one until it touches the housing, but do not over tight it, just until touches the bottom. Lastly, tighten the top screws again until they are secure and don't move anymore but once again don't over tight them. If further adjustment is needed make sure that you loosen up the top ones first and hold the light in place with your hand while tightening the screws to avoid any misalignment. Once I figured it out, it took me about ten minutes to do it correctly. Good luck!


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don't ! take your vehicle to a certified technician.

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