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How do you adjust the headlights up and down on a 1998 Mustang?


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2012-03-04 04:40:48
2012-03-04 04:40:48

On the outer part of the main piece....look at it straight forward and you'll see a Philips looking screw on the outer bottom. move left or right I can't remember Hahaha then u can adjust the top ones too with a ratchet I don't know the size


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There are screws to adjust them just above the light assy.

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2 Phillips screws at the rear of the headlight housing. One is vertical the other horizontal.

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how do you adjust head ligths up or down on a 2001 Isuzu rodeo

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Could be an open in the wiring at streering column

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On older models (ex my 91) there are Phillips screws on the sides on the headlights that you turn to adjust the headlights (either up or down or left or right) on newer cars (ex my 98) there are levels built right into the headlight assembly, park the car dead level with a half tank of gas and like up the marks by turning the screws that adjust the headlights

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