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you have to replace it

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Q: How do you adjust the hood release cable on a 1996 GMC Sierra?
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How do you adjust transmission linkage on a 1996 Mazda B3000?

You have to follow the cable from steering column to tranny, there is a plastic push thing to adjust the endplay, make sure it is not broken or worn out, better to just buy new cable and adjust it during the install

How do you adjust the emergency brake on a 1996 Maxima?

I am not 100% sure, but I do believe you have to adjust the nut on the cable underneath the emergency lever. Some off them are also located under the car along the floor pan.

Can the broken hood release cable for a 1996 Jeep Cherkee Sport be reattached at the pull handle by crimping it together?

Yes you can crimp the hood release cable back to the handle.

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How do you replace the speedometer cable on a 1996 ford ranger?

1996 ranger does not have speedo cable it is electronic

How do you replace the hood release cable on a 1996 Honda Accord 4-door sedan 4-cylinder?

If the cable is broken, tke it to the body shop as they have to open hoods on wrecks.

How do you adjust tappets on 1996 saxo 1.1?

adjust tappets on saxo 1.1 and gaps

1996 gmc sierra speaker sizes?

The standard speaker size on a 1996 GMC Sierra truck is 9 inches. Larger speakers can be added but required the opening to be enlarged.

Can you adjust the timing on gmc sierra k1500 1996 5.7 l vin r.?

Simple answer is, No. It is fixed and the computer adjusts the timing, depending on sensors. Although, it does need to be set up correctly, if it has been removed.

How do you change speedometer cable on 1996 dodge cummins?

A 1996 Dodge Ram does not have a speedometer cable. The system is all electric.

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What is the gap for spark plug on 1996 gmc sierra?

The gap for spark plugs in a 96 GMC sierra is .60

Where is the drl relay on a 1996 GMC sierra?

The 1996 GMC Sierra DRL module is located underneath the dash panel on the driverside between the pakingy brake pedal and the brake pedal.

How do you adjust the hydraulic clutch on a 1996 ford station wagon?

hydraulic clutches self adjust.

How do you adjust the throttle cable on a 1996 ford escort?

Assuming there is nothing wrong with the timing belt, loosen the two clamp bolts, and move the cable in the middle adjustment position, if the transmission shifts too late or too early for you're liking, readjust the tension.

How many oxygen sensors does a 1996 GMC Sierra have?


How do you adjust half doors on Jeep Wrangler 1996?

find a 1996 wrangler first!

How do you remove the clutch cable on a 1996 Chevy s10?

There is no cable, it is hydraulic operated.

Where is the speedometer cable on 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It does not have a cable, the speedometer is electric.

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How do you open the hood 1996 Sierra when cable is broken?

its very hard. u have to get a crow bar and literally pop/but the hood open. after its poped open. fix the damage you have done..... sorry but that's the only way to do it.

How do you adjust timing on 1996 discovery v8?

you fix it

How do you adjust the parking brake on a 1996 camaro rs?

The 1996 Chevrolet Camaro parking brake has an adjustment bolt on the parking brake. Turn the adjustment bolt to adjust the brake.