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there should be timing marks on the pully for the drive belt. If not take out the number 1 spark plug and put a crew driver in the hole. Bump the motor until the piston is top dead center. Then put your belt on and put your spark plug back and your good.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-01 17:24:37
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Q: How do you adjust the timing on a 1993 Mazda mx6?
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How do you adjust the clutch on 1993 Mazda MX6?

YOu need to blead the system .. then it should require no adjusting

Is 1993 Mazda mx6 moon roof interchangeable with 1995 Mazda mx6?

mx6 got no moonroof - only a sunroof and YES its interchangeable

How do you set timing on a 1995 Mazda MX3?

This is done the same as the 1995 Mazda MX6. The answer is posted.

How do you change the water pump on a 1993 Mazda MX6?

part of the timing belt gears buy a manual for this repair chilton auto manuals are the best...

Where is the ecm located ona 1993 Mazda mx6?

its under the radio

Where is the thermostat located on a 1993 Mazda mx6?

Under the thermostat housing

Where is the coil on a 1993 Mazda mx6?

it is in ths distributor i just changed my for 80.00

Give you a diagram of timing marks Mazda mx6?

A diagram of timingÊmarks for the Mazda MX6 is available in the Haynes Repair Manual for that make and model. The manuals are available at most auto parts stores.

Is 1993 Mazda mx6 interchangeable with 1995 Mazda mx6?

most parts are yes. most parts are also interchangeable for ford probes of the same year range (excluding body parts of course --- Many interchangeable parts on 1993 Mazda Mx6: 1993-1996 Mazda 626 1993-1996 Ford Probe some parts off the Mazda MX3 some parts off the 1998-2003 Mazda Protege some parts with 1996 are not compatible due to OBDII legislature, which changed emissions and other changes.

What could cause a 1993 Mazda mx6 not to fire?

mine slipped on the timing belt itself so check the timing first then work the fuses and then use a tachometer on the ignition coil if not it you might have a fried motor man

Why would a 1993 Mazda mx6 slip out of gear intermittently?

5 speed or automatic?

How many quart of oil for a 1993 Mazda mx-6?

i drive a 94 Mazda mx6 and the answer to your questions is it takes 4 quarts of oil! i drive a 94 Mazda mx6 and the answer to your questions is it takes 4 quarts of oil!

What is the valve cover torque settings for 1993 Mazda mx6 v6?

5 foot lbs

Exhaust on a 1993 Mazda mx6?

What do you need to know about the exhaust, and are you talking about a 4 or 6 cyl.

Does a 1994 Mazda mx6 have a tming belt or timing chain?

On a 1994 Mazda MX-6 : Both the 2.0 liter four cylinder engine and the 2.5 liter V6 engine have a timing BELT

Does a 1993 Mazda mx6 have a stock turbo?

Mazda removed the turbocharged 4 cylinder MX-6 engine (FT2 2.2L) in 1992. No model 1993+ came with a stock turbocharger.

Where do you put the transmission fluid in a 1993 Mazda Mx6?

I know if you have an auto transmission v6 Mazda mx6 93. You can put the transmission fluid in a 1993 Mazda Mx6 v6 from where you check the dip of transmission fluid. It is located close to the battery and close to the fuel filter. Its cap is orange color. For the manual transmission, you have to look under neath of the car, there is a bolt for drain and a bolt for to fill. Look around it, you will see it.

What size is a 93 Mazda mx-6 gas tank?

1993 Mazda mx6 gas tank capacity is 58 litres, its same for 1993-1997 models. thanx jay

What is the firing order for a 1993 Mazda Mx6 v6?

its actually 1-2-3-4-5-6

What is the fireorder for a Mazda mx6?


What is the timing degree of a 92 Mazda Mx6 Gt 2.2 turbo?

9 degrees btdc with test lead mear wipermotor earthed

How do you change timing belt on a duel overhead cam in a 1996 Mazda MX6?

If your asking this question than you shouldn't be performing this job yourself<

What could make a 1994 Mazda MX6 backfire?

Adjust the timing. Backfiring is usually a sign that the car needs a tune up. The timing can be a big factor. Check the timing belt to see if it has jumped a tooth or two. If so, this is the reason why it would backfire. You also might want to check the tension pulleys to see if they are too tight or not tight enough.

What are the tire dimensions on the 1995 Mazda MX6?

If you have the standard 1995 Mazda MX6 then it came OE with P195/65R14... I hope this has helped. COO of

What engines are the same as the Mazda mx6?

mx6, 626, capella, ford probe, telstar, tx5