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How do you answer a foreclosure complaint?

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State's establish laws concerning foreclosure action. Not knowing the state or the exact nature of the foreclosure document ( "Right To Cure" letter, forclosure notice, etc.), it is not possible to give a specific answer. If it is a letter of demand, the only response to such is for the borrower to adhere to the terms stated in the letter. A notice of foreclosure generally outlines the time in which the borrower has before the property is sold, whether the borrower has redemption rights, and so forth. Some states allow self-help foreclosures as outlined in the lending contract, some only allow foreclosure through judicial procedure, some allow either depending upon the individual circumstances. The only other option is to contact the lender and try to resolve the problem.

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What is a foreclosure dismissal?

Foreclosure dismissal is a simple foreclosure challenge that can be filed to the foreclosure complaint even without an attorney.Added: A foreclosure dismissal is a court order dismissing a foreclosure action.

How long will a foreclosure take after lis pendens?

The lis pendens is usually filed at the beginning of the foreclosure lawsuit. If you don't answer the foreclosure complaint, a default judgment will be entered against you, and foreclosure will take place in about 90 days. If you answer the lawsuit, the foreclosure can take a year or more to occur.

When answering a deficiency judgment complaint can you also ask for dismissal of the case based on personal insolvency?

Insolvency is not a defense to a complaint for a foreclosure deficiency. If you have filed bankruptcy and the debt was discharged, that would be a defense.

What happens if a homeowner does not make payments on their mortgage?

The bank will start foreclosure proceedings. They will file a complaint against you in court and seek judgment. The house can then be sold in a sale or auction.

What is foreclosure help?

Foreclosure help is advice and help you can get from an organization or service that will help you through a foreclosure or help you stop a foreclosure. Foreclosure Help and Hope is an organization that can help.

Can a lien lead to foreclosure?

Check this post, it talks about liens and foreclosure.

Can a condominium association cut off TV cable service while a person is in foreclosure?

If your assessments pay for cable services and you have not paid your assessments, the association may deny you this service. If you are in foreclosure and continue to pay your assessments, you can take your complaint to the board and request an explanation of why you have been denied the service you believe that you're paying for.

What is the best recommended foreclosure website?

There are agencies who can help you to stop foreclosure. I have saved my house from foreclosure and if you have a foreclosure property then those agencies will buy it at a great price. For foreclosure guide you can visit you will get stop foreclosure guide by 2brothers real estate

What is a consent judgment in a foreclosure?

A consent judgment in a foreclosure is whereby a borrower with a pending foreclosure agrees to get into a judgment for foreclosure. This will not require further legal representation.

Can a mortgage borrower apply for court foreclosure?

No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.

Can the holder of a second mortgage demand payment on a home after it has been foreclosed on in Ohio?

When filing a complaint for foreclosure, the plaintiff/bank is required to file a preliminary judicial that shows who has any interest in the property being foreclosed. The complaint must be served to anyone listed on the preliminary judicial which may have a possible interest in the property. If the complaint is served on the interested party and the defending interested party fails to answer within the required time, then the served interested party is forever barred from claiming their interest in the property. If the foreclosure is still pending it's possible to file a motion and ask the court to file a late answer. Filing a late answer is at the discretion of the court based on meritorious circumstances listed in the motion to file a late answer. If the foreclosure is final and you were never served as an interested party, you may have a cause of action. Check the court docket to see if you were ever listed as an interested party and if so, does the docket show service of the complaint on you.

Can you save a property in pre-foreclosure?

I'm pre-foreclosure. .complain under rule 1.110 (b) was amended to requiere the verification of residencial mortgage foreclosure. The foreclosure involves my primary residence and is not verified

Can you do Deed in lieu after foreclosure?

deed in lieu after foreclosure?

What is the difference between preclosure and foreclosure?

Be aware that a pre-foreclosure property is not necessarily for sale. The pre-foreclosure stage is the period between the time in which a Notice of Default (in non-judicial foreclosure) or lis pendens (in judicial foreclosure) has been issued to the homeowner and after the property is sold at a foreclosure auction.

What happens to your down payment in foreclosure?

The money is gone after foreclosure.

Do banks or homeowners have foreclosure auctions?

Lenders will occasionally have foreclosure auctions. Homeowners will often sell their property to avoid foreclosure.

Are you still liable for mortgage after foreclosure?

Only if the foreclosure is a court-ordered foreclosure.AnswerThe mortgage is extinguished by a foreclosure proceeding and sale but you may be liable for any deficiency and costs relating to the sale.

Does a Deed in lieu of foreclosure affect credit the same as a foreclosure?

Deed in lieu of foreclosure is not nearly as devastating to your credit as is a full foreclosure. Below is an article about the pros and cons of deed in lieu.

How can I use complaint in a sentence?

I wish to register a complaint.The customer made a complaint to the manager.The complaint was upheld.

Where can I find free foreclosure listings for Charlotte, NC?

Free foreclosure listings can be found at This includes government foreclosure listings.

What is the land foreclosure process in puerto rico?

judicial foreclosure process

How do you use foreclosure in a sentence?

There is expected to be foreclosure on all the houses on that block.

When was Foreclosure of a Dream created?

Foreclosure of a Dream was created in 1992-10.

How are you notified of foreclosure?

This depends on the state and the type of foreclosure used. In general, there are two different types of foreclosure. In judicial foreclosure, banks are required to bring a lawsuit against the homeowners in the local district court. Homeowners are notified of the foreclosure when they are served with the paperwork including the lawsuit complaint the lender has filed. Notification is often done by a sheriff's deputy hand delivering the paperwork or by the bank sending the paperwork via certified mail. In nonjudicial foreclosure, the bank is able to sell the home at auction without suing the borrowers. Notification is often done by having a sheriff post a Notice of Sale or Notice of Intent to Foreclosure and Sale or similar notice on the property itself. Notices must also be posted in local newspapers, in public gathering places, or at the county courthouse. The specifics vary by state, but these are the two most common methods of foreclosing on a home and how the debtors are notified of the pending loss of their property.

What happens when Rented property goes into foreclosure?

It is the same process as any other foreclosure, except that at the conclusion of the foreclosure, the tenants will be forced to leave.