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Q: How do you answer son tus amigos?
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What does Quienes son tus amigos mean?

who are your friends

How do you say 'where your friends are from' in Spanish?

¿De dónde son tus amigos?

Como son tus amigos?

cómo son tus amigos/as means how are your friends The answer means physically (tall) or in terms of personality (funny), not in terms of health. (That would use the verb estar instead.)

What does quienes son tus amigas o amigos mean?

This is Spanish for"Who are your friends (feminine) or friends (masculine)?"

How do you say who are your friends in spanish?

Quienes son tus Amigos (male) / Amigas (female) (If gender is not known go with male)

What form of ser do you use for ustedes?

"Tu amigo y you somos", if you want the present tense. You can find a complete list of verb tenses at

What actors and actresses appeared in Tus amigos - 2007?

The cast of Tus amigos - 2007 includes: Claudio Lafarga Cony Madera Julian Pablo Dominguez

What is the Spanish for you love your Friends and you hate your haters?

It is "Te ama tus amigos y odia tus aborrecedores."

Tienes celos de tus amigos?

it means 'are you jealous of your friends?'

What does con sus amigos mean in spanish?

"Sal con tus amigos" means "Go out with your friends".

How do you say speak about your problems with your friends in spanish?

You say, "Habla de tus problemas con tus amigos." This is a command to one [familiar] person. To give the same command to two or more people, you say, ""Hablad de vuestras problemas con vuestros amigos." You could substitute the word 'discuss' for 'speak about.' The first sentence would then be, "Discute tus problemas con tus amigos." The second sentence would be, "Descutid vuestras problemas con vuestros amigos."

How do you say your friends are clever in Spanish?

Es / eres inteligente Son / sois inteligentes