How do you apply Spanish fly?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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U apply the item in the persons drink but make sure she/ he's not sick sometimes it doesn't work then ow make shure they drink it all for max effect

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Q: How do you apply Spanish fly?
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can i apply in spanish?

can i apply in spanish

Where can you buy spanish fly?

BUY SPANISH FLY from a TRUSTED supplier:-

When was Spanish fly created?

Spanish fly was created in 1758.

How do you spell fly in spanish?

"Fly" in Spanish is "mosca".

What legal implications apply for using spanish fly without the consent of a person?

As it's a drug meant only to be used on animals, murder is one.

What is the effect of Spanish fly?

fly down it

When was Spanish Fly - album - created?

Spanish Fly - album - was created on 1987-05-19.

What are the types of spanish fly?

The various different types of spanish fly can be found at

Translate fly to Spanish?

(to) fly (soar) = volar fly (insect) = mozca

What is the spanish word for fly?

The insect: mosca to fly: volar

What are the release dates for Spanish Fly - 2010?

Spanish Fly - 2010 was released on: USA: 31 December 2010

What is a volar?

It means to Fly in spanish