How do you apply rosin to a violin bow?

Community Answer 1

If you have not used the rosin on your bow before, take a nail file and file the top of the rosin down so that it looks a bit scratchy. Then run the scratchy side of the rosin up and down the horsehair of the bow in long even strokes. You know you have enough rosin on your bow when you draw the bow across the string and it leaves a white rosin trace. Remember to wipe off your strings with a towel when you're done playing to keep the rosin from building up. When applying rosin to the string do not touch the horsehair with your hand because the oils from your hand will ruin the horsehair if you touch it too much.


Community Answer 2

Only poor quality or old rosin needs to be scratched before use. I would recommend that having a clear tone tells you when you have enough rosin, if you go as far as leaving rosin dust on the string, you definitely have enough.