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Q: How do you ask a married woman if she speaks Spanish in Spanish?
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How do you ask in spanish if a person speaks English?


When addressing a married woman in spanish you say?

You might ask "Do you speak Spanish?"Or, if you want to say it in Spanish: "¿Habla español?" The fact that she is married doesn't affect the question. However, I used the formal version for the Spanish question.

If a man says to a woman can i ask you a question what question will the woman normally expect him to ask her?

"Are you married?" or "What are you doing tonight?"

How do you ask a woman out but doesn't speak your language?

If you're motivated enough to ask a woman out, the very least you could do is find out what language she speaks and learn the phrase to ask her out.

What languages does Zendaya speak?

She speaks french, and spanish

Can a women ask a man to get married?

Yes, she can. Although it is a tradition for a man to ask the woman.

What does mukka mean in spanish?

bhi khayegi phir This is a Hindi expression and would make more sense to ask to someone who speaks Hindi, not Spanish.

Why would a single woman ask a married man how's your home life?

We don't know. Ask her why.

How do you ask if someone is married in spanish?

¿Está / están / estás / estáis casados?

Do woman married the most?

ANSWER:Do they?, not really. But let me explain it to you. The only way woman could be married is if a man, boyfriend ask her. If this don't happen, women will stay single. So do woman married the most? It depends on man, agree?

How can you find out if a woman is married?

She's usually wearing a ring on her ring finger! Ask her.

Why does a married man ask other woman out for coffee?

because they are attracted to them and want to have an affair