How do you assemble a JW-1080 style tent?

Instructions for Ozark Trail JW-1080 1. Place tent on level, smooth ground and stake it down in the front and rear. Leave the side loops free. Make sure the tent is it taut at each corner and front/rear sides but not stretched too tightly. 2. Identify your poles by color tag (stickers) so that you have 4 Brown, 4 Blue, 4 Green, 4 Yellow, 2 Red, 1 White and 1 Pink. If your stickers are faded or not these colors then identify your posts this way; find 4 base poles with rubber/plastic feet (these are the Browns), find 8 poles the same length (these are the 4 Blue and 4 Green), find 4 poles with a 60 degree bend (yellow), find 2 poles with a ring attached in the center of the bend (red), find two remaining poles (pink and white). Note that the Browns, Blues and Greens are all the same length so if you have at least 12 of the same straight pole you are good to go. Basically, the side supports consist of 12 straight and 4 bent poles. The roof support consists of two straight poles (one pole with two male ends). 3. Attach the pink and white poles together to make the roof pole and run the pole through the roof sleeve (purple slot running across the roof from front to back). 4. Create two arches by attaching the poles in this order : Brown, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Brown. Make sure your two arches are the same size and shape. If not, you've not properly marked or aligned your poles. 5. Lay the arches on the tent so that the red poles are centered with the roof pole. The legs of the arches will criss-cross on the sides. 6. To support the tent you will have to momentarily detach the arches at two places in order to run the poles through the nylon loop supports at ridges of the tent roof. Detach the Yellow from the Green on each side of each arch and pass the green pole through each nylon loop. Reattach the Yellow pole. Make sure the roof loop does not fall below the yellow pole's bend. 7. With one person at the front and one person at the rear slip the metal loop of the red pole (top of each arch) over the roof support pole then loop the nylon loop support over the roof support pole so that the red pole is between the roof support sleeve and the topmost nylon loops. If you find this too difficult at this time, go to the next step and then come back to this step once you've set the arches on their ends. 8. With one person on each side of the tent (on the sides now) grab a leg of each arch in each hand, lifting and pushing each arch leg toward the center. The roof should rise. 9. Once tension is achieved, and the roof is raised, secure the feet in one of three ways; 1) slip the feet of the arches into the center nylon loop (on the ground). You may have to pull the Brown poles off (one at a time) in order to slip them into the loop. Just make sure you keep tension on the pole(s) as you remove and reattach Brown poles. 2) take off the rubber feet and push the poles into the ground anywhere along the side so long as you have good tension on the roof supports, 3) tie the arches together at the point they cross. 10. Drive stakes into the loops on the side if you can. There's not much room left once the poles are in there so don't force the stake in if it's too difficult or you might tear the tent. Secure a tarp over the whole tent of there is a chance of rain. Good luck. If you want to see pictures or have questions send me an email (