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this is for like middle schoolers but plz read but more of a answer fur like teens...well its very simple.all u have to do is be urself!like dont be a girly girl if u know tht hte guy is a girly girl hater.but then again if u like this boy and know ur a true girly girl just a ct like a normal person and if this madafuka dont likeee u fur u then u have tuh look fur anotha man

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As a girl it is important to concentrate in your studies and keep yourself tidy. The older boys are usually attracted to mature women who know what they want in life.

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Q: How do you attract boys in my adollecents age?
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Can grades affect how a girl likes you?

It depends on the style of the boys the girl likes If she likes "bad boys" then you getting bad grades may attract her more. If she likes " normal boys" you getting good grades may attract her more. Eventually most girls when they reach and age of adulthood they are attracted by more successful and smarter boys.

How can you attract boys in your college?


Why do girls attract boys?

becaues they are pretty

How do you attract an boy?

I would attract a boy towards me by not sticking to him (TIP- Boys get attracted when a girl avoids him)

How does one make it more likely to attract boys?

be yourslef

What should you wear to attract a boys attention?

make- up

Why do boys say hey to a girls?

probably to attract attention to it

How do you attract boys 13-15 if you are 13?

If you are 13 and trying to attract boys who are 13-15, try showing interest in the same things they do. This may include video games, skateboarding, or sports.

How can a boys attract a girl towards himself by simplicity?

still suspense

How do you attract boys to your side?

By wearing a pair of skinny jeans or catsuit!

In a school there are 15 boys at age 12 sixteen boys at age of 15 and eighteen boys at age of 14. what is the average age of boys.?

(15*12+16*15+18*14)/4913.7142857 is the true average age

Why do boys find girls attractive?

As boys mature, they develop these hormones that attract them to girls. Scientifically, it's hard to explain.