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Technically, you don't backwash the pool, you backwash the filter. This is assuming you have a sand or DE filter. The filter valve should have a backwash setting. Turn off the pump, set the filter to backwash, and turn on the pump unitl the water runs reasonably clear.

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Q: How do you backwash an above-ground pool?
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Do you shock a pool or backwash pool first?

Backwash first then shock. If you shock and then backwash you will be throwing away the shock you just put.

How do you calculate the required pool filter backwash rate in gallons per minute and backwash volume in gallons?

how do i calculate the volumn of backwash in a pool

Should you see sand in the backwash water when you backwash your pool?

no... you should call a professional to come inspect your pool

How long backwash a pool filter?

Average pool filter: Backwash 5 minutes and rinse for 1 minute.

Do you set your filter to backwash to clean pool?

Setting the filter to backwash cleans the filter, running your pump to filter cleans the water in the pool. Brushing the walls of your pool cleans the walls of your pool... and so on.

How do you get dead algae out of the bottom of a swimming pool?

Vacuum the pool slowly on backwash.

Do you backwash your pool before you put chemicals in?

No you only backwash your pool when your filter pressure on your filter is high 30psi and above on most pools. If you backwash your pool be sure to add two scoops of de to your skimmer. If the presure is still high the u need to clean the filter

Can you use your backwash pool water in your garden?


At what pressure should you backwash a sand filter?

That can change from pool to pool, In most cases if the pressure indicator is up to about 3./4 of the way it is time to backwash. this coincides with weak suction.

When vacuming pool set at waste or backwash?

If the pool is really dirty then it is best to set the filter to waste.

When do you add DE to a pool?

You add D.E. to a pool when you do a fresh filter clean. You also add D.E. if you have to backwash your pool more than normal. When you backwash the pool it is also dumping the D.E. out so it needs to be replaced to keep the grids covered so the pool can filter properly. Hope it helped

How do you clean murky and green pool water in an easy set pool?

Drain/Backwash the pool, clean the inside, and add fresh water.

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