How do you bake Boneless skinless chicken thighs?

EASY Company Worthy Jerk Chicken and Peach Salsa Marinate bonesless chicken thighs (or breasts) in KC Masterpiece Caribbean Jerk marinage for about 20-30 minutes. Discard excess marinade, bake chicken thighs at 400 degrees (or 425 for bbq "effect") for about 30 minutes. (A bit longer if you prefer crispy grilled-like lool/taste.) BTW, these are excellent cooked on an actual grill. While chicken is baking, prepare peaches. Drain juices from jarred peaches. Combine peaches...(I like Dole in the plastic clear container) with juice of a lime and a handful of chopped cilantro. Serve grilled chicken thighs over white rice with peach salsa over the top. EXCELLENT!! and EASY!!