How do you be a cheerleader?

First of all you need to join a cheerleading squad in your local area,college or school. if you live in the usa then you will find you can join a cheerleading sqaud at your school and local area. if you live in the UK then you might not be able to find cheerleading at school. once you have joined the sqaud, make sure you always have a smile on your face. to become head cheerleader,you must have loads of prep!

attitude: cheerleaders don't neccersairly have to be rude snobs. you can still be yourself. don't follow the wrong crowd. Also once you become a cheerleader make sure you treat people with respect espicailly if you cheer in a school.


dieting: to be a good cheerleader you have to eat fresh fruit and veg to keep yourself going with energy! you can still eat chocolate and fat foods but not before a routine or you could risk vomiting and becoming ill

make sure you know a few jumps and tumbling before trying out otherwise you will not be able to make it through cheerleading. the key things are smiling jumps and tumbling.

warming up: when warming up make sure you warm up properly and feel slight sweat on areas of your body. if not you could risk breaking anything inside your body.

always remember to have a loud voice to project your voice

i hope i helped and good luck being a cheerleader!!

from glitterprincess7 xx

(p.s keep smiling at comps and prep rallys)