While known for their presence on the sidelines of football and basketball games, cheerleaders are athletes, capable of complex stunts and tumbling. Ask questions about this sport here.

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Do cheerleaders practice in bare feet?

Generally, it is not common to see cheerleaders practicing without shoes on. When stunting, the shoes give the the bases a better grip on the flyer's foot. Tumbling can be done without shoes on, but it is better to train your body with shoes on, because you will not be able to take your shoes off during a game or routine. You should always wear shoes when cheering, for it is safer.

Basically like the 1st answer like it depends on what cheer you practice at the practice so like the 1st answer.

How much money does extreme cheerleading cost?

about 1,500 dollars


What is a pike jump?

A pike jump is where cheerleaders will jump off the ground and their legs are out in front of them with straight legs and pointed toed. Their heads face downward and their arms are straight out in front of them and parallel to each other.


What is needed to make a youth cheerleading bucket?

The easiest way to get started is to get adhesive scrapbook paper, stickers, double sided tape, and ribbon.

Your local craft store will have most of these items. I have also seem buckets decorated with marabou or feather trim with the ribbons.

I used the adhesive paper to cover areas on the bucket that we didn't want to be visible. (The bucket was the color of the team). Then we used stick on letters and various other stickers and stars to decorate with.

Have fun creating your cheer bucket.


Is being a flyer scary in cheerleading?

When you begin it can be really scary, but once you get used to it, its really fun. As long as you and your stunt group follow instructions, you will be fine. Plus you need to trust your bases, back spotter and front spotter (if you have a front). If you dont trust ur stunt group, then it will seem more stressful. Im a cheerleader myself, i am also a flyer. I cheer for North Star All-Stars in Rome, NY :) good luck!! :)


Any good stretches that can help you do a split?

Great stretches to do are the runners stretch and straddle. In runners stretch work everyday until you can put your elbows on the ground and see a clean line down your body. In straddle stretch to both side but do not round your back. Keep it straight so eventually you can put your chest flat you your leg. Another great stretch to do it get in a split position (right or left leg in front) and bend your front leg so that your foot is under you. Try and Bend your back leg up and grab it with your opposite hand and stretch it.

Also, when practicing your split if you are not all of the way down keep your knees completely straight so you can stretch out the muscles and tendons around your groin.

Happy Stretching!


How old is erica englebert?

Erica Englebert is a minor in high school. Her personal information will not be released over the internet.


What is a cheer clinic?

A cheer clinic is where people show u cheerleading skills lilke a gym for cheerleading for a team like hight schoolers or other different teams a cheer clinic maybe could las one or two days


How do you pack for a cheer competition?

pom poms ( if included in routine ), uniform, make-up, hairspray, bow, lots of water ( to keep hydrated ), entertainment for performer when waiting before warm- ups or before awards ceremony, healthy snacks, deoderant, and a curling iron or straightening iron if needed.

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How tall is the average cheerleader?

There pretty much all sizes. But I suppose I would say around in the 5 ft area?


What is the hardest standing tumbling?

a standing full

^that is one of the hardest skills. the actual hardest is a standing double, normally performed in All-Star Cheerleading.

^the hardest standing tumbling is actually a standing double layout commonly used in college or competetive chherleading.


What are Delaware's all-star cheer leading teams?

Cheer Force All-Stars

Coastal Magic

Delaware Dream

Delaware Elite

Delaware Explosion

East Coast Nitros

MOT All*Stars

Top Flight

Tri-State CheerNastics

Galaxy All Star

Delaware Diamonds


What happens to your body when you stretch?

Well, when you stretch, you gradually become more flexible, and say, if you did ten toe touches sitting down each night, eventually they wouldn't hurt. Your body changes and it becomes stronger and more flexible. You may not be able to tell right away, but the difference will show.

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How many black dallas cowboy cheerleaders have there been?

There have been more than 80, ranging from original Cowboys Cheerleader Vonciel Baker in 1972 to 2010 rookie Sasha Agent. For more comprehensive information, check out the website

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How does a cheerleader get eaten by a mascot?

I saw a video clip of a GIANT mascot open its mouth and then the cheerleader jumped in.

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Why are you trying out for the cheerleading team?

Because it looks fun and it can get you fit better than any other sport.

Because it gets you involved in the school.

To make friends

To possibly get a scholarship

Because I love to cheer!


How tall do you have to be to be a cheerleader?

Well, height doesn't really matter. If your short your most likely going to be a flyer though. If your tall your a back spot. My friend is 5'8 and she's a cheerleader, another girl I know is only 4'9. So honesty height doesn't matter, though flexibility and strength does.

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What are the positions in cheerleading?

Although, there are many positions in cheerleading, many are focused around a stunt. Within each stunt there are 4 positions. First, a flyer. The flyer is the individual who gets thrown up or pushed up in the air. A flyers job is to be very tight, and selfcontroling while at the same time flexible, aware of her surroundings and focused. Supporting the flyer there is a maximum of 4 people - two bases, a backspot and a front spot. The bases are the ones who are the most responsible for getting a flyer into the air aswell as her safety coming back down to the ground. Bases usually hold the flyers feet in a specific way, depending on the stunt. A bases must have upper body strength aswell as leg strength. It is very important the base's legs give most of the power in lifting the flyer. This prevents pulling back muscles. A bases aswell as the entire stunt group must keep their eyes on the flyer at all times. The backspot is responsible in assisting a flyer into a stunt aswell as security once the flyer is in the air. The flyer is usually loaded in by the backspot grabbing the flyers waist of butt depending on the stunt. When coming out of a stunt the backspot job is to support the flyers back. The front spot is the last part of a stunt. The front is usually present for ankle support for the flyer or wrist support for the bases. The front is also there for security incase of a fall When dismounting a stunt the front is responsible for the flyer's legs. There are other various positions in cheerleading such as tumblers who tumble throughout the rountine. The entire team usually participates in dancing.


What are the names of stunts that cheerleaders do?

There are so many different cheerleading stunts, so I will have to leave some out. First of all, make sure you have soft ground/mat in case of a fall, and also make sure there are plenty of spots (people to catch incase of a fall).

Some stunts include:

  • thigh stands
  • shoulder sits
  • shoulder stands
  • preps/halfs
  • extentions/fulls
  • show-and-go's
  • hitches, libs (in prep or extention)
  • arabesques, (in prep or extention)
  • heel streches (in prep or extention)
  • scales (in prep or extention)
  • scorpians (in prep or extention)
  • basket-tosses
  • full downs/twist cradles
  • fall-backs
  • and to make pyramids you combine groups of these stunts
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When will CMT air season 6 of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

Season 6 of "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team" will air on CMT in October 2011.

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Is cheerleading just like gymnastic?

No, cheerleading and gymnastics are very similar, but gymnastics has four elements (bar, beam, floor, and vault) and cheerleaders stunts


How do you spell the yea in yea team?


French Revolution

Why are pom poms called pom poms?

Two possibilities:

1 from POMP; high church dignitaries have them on their birettas

2 from the same root as PUMPKIN, as they have the sape of a gourd.

In either case, the word originally is POMPON and it's French.


What are some fun cheerleading games to play with little 5-7 year olds after practice some one please help?

lovers leap: an older cheerleader (stronger/larger) gets paired up with a younger cheerleader (smaller/lighter) and then you come up with positions for them to get in (in which they pick each other up). For example, the name of the game, lovers leap, in which the larger person would hold the smaller person in a "cradle", (smaller person's legs will be in one of their arms and legs in the other arm). The last pair of people to get in that position is out, and must sit down. The last pair standing wins. If they are too small/young/not to that level, then you could try ships and sails: In which in one direction is called ships and the other direction is called sails. They run in that direction until you call something else. You can also call things such as "captain's coming" and they must solute, then you call "adese" to allow them to move again. You may also come up with your own positions for them to get in. The way to win is the same except the winner will only be an individual not a pair.


What is the secondary in cheerleading stunting?

The secondary base, in one-legged stunts, does not support most of the flyer she provides support to the middle of her foot.


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