Gymnastics is an artistic sport involving performance of exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility, agility and complex coordination.

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What do you learn in level 3 gymnastics?

In Woman's Artistic Gymnastics you learn skills such as handstand flat back on vault mat, handstands, split jumps, and a dismount and a mount on beam. You learn back hip circle, leg cut, pullover and a dismount on bars and on floor you learn handstand forward roll, round off rebound ,backward roll in pike, back walk over, Also a few dance moves such as Chace', leaps, pivot turns, strait jump, tuck jump.

In Men's artistic you learn similar level tumble skills as above but no dance. On Vault you improve height of a straight jump. Rings you learn hanging strength holds and high swings. Parallel Bars you learn various forms of swing both under and above the bars as well as strength holds. Same on the High Bar and Pommel Horse (mushroom) but no holds.

Not sure about Rhythmic, Group or Aerobic Gymnastics at level three.

in Power Tumble and Trampoline Gymnastics you learn on Trampoline different jumping skills (tuck, straddle, twists, skills off the seat, feet, stomach etc) and in combination. On the running trampoline (double mini) you learn similar skills as Trampoline but only from the feet. Tumbling you learn similar skills as Artistic but no dance or hold moves.

In Acrobatic Gymnastics you learn to do similar tumbling skills as above Gymnastic sports and also both Base stunting skills and Top skills (flyer skills) as well as individual balance skills. Skills such as handstands, headstands, standing or holding a top/flyer on your thighs, Base on floor holding Top with both hands and legs overhead etc.


How do you make a chalk block for gymnastics?

You usually buy it from your gymnastics club. You get magnesium and carbon and combine it together and compress it in to a block and then wrap it up in some plastic.


Why was gymnastics called gymnastics?

Gymnastics, is actually from the Greek word 'dance naked', because in the ancient Olympic games they use to compete naked, and gymnastics is i guess sometimes dancing!

Rhythmic Gymnastics

How do female gymnast keep their leotard in place?

At the gym, we have this thing we like to call "leotard glue" and you roll it onto the place on your skin where the leotard ends and then stick the end/hemming of your leotard to it. It'll take a few minutes to stick, but once it does, it won't move. Just make sure you go to the bathroom before putting it on because it can get painful when you take your leotard off when the "butt glue" is still on ;) I dont have the exact name of this product, but I can update this answer when I get it. It can also be used to keep other articles of clothing in place, like keeping your knee socks from sliding down your legs :) I hope this helps a bit!


How is gymnastics good for children?

It can help them build strong muscles and it is believed to wear off certain diseases such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes

What are the names of some hard gymnastic tricks?

Floor - Round off back handspring, back layout, full (or any kind of twisting), back tuck, front hand spring, front tuck, back handspring step out, back layout step out, back hand spring step out, double/triple backs (and twisting)

Vault-Tsukahara, Yurchenko, and u can do twisting out of those

Bars-Tchecatchevs, sheposh, yager, straddle backs, and a lot more i cant remember at the moment (dont think i spelled any of those right)

Beam-aerials (front and side), layouts, front handsprings, back tucks, front tucks

feel free to correct the spelling errors (i know i made some) and add more cool tricks!

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What are the names of gymnastic events?

Women's: Uneven Bars, Vault, Floor Exercise, Balance Beam

Men: Rings, High Bar, Floor, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse

Olympics Gymnastics

What are some gymnastics moves on vault?

There is front handspring, Yerchenko, Kasumatsu, Yeo 2, Tsukahara, there are many others but these are just some of them.


What are facilities of gymnastic?



Is age 13 to old to start gymnastics?

NOO!!!! I am 13 and started teaching myself gymnastics about a month after I turned 13, therefore, you are never too old to start gymnastics! However, you might want to stick with recreational gymnastics if you start after age 12

What is a gymnastic feat?

If you meant "fear" then here's your answer.

Many gymnasts (including me) become afraid of a certain skill. Sometimes, it can be caused by maybe an accident that happened while doing it, the fact that you're going upside down, and sometimes you don't really know WHAT you're afraid of! Fears are common with ALL gymnasts, i mean mental is the majority of the sport! When you have a fear, you work with it, you try to overcome. You CAN'T avoid it! noooo! That makes it worse. You talk to your coach and he/she will assist you. Or, for me, I talk to my teammates and usually they can do alot. :)

On the other hand maybe you want an example of a gymnastics feat. These include somersaults and flips such as handsprings. Another is an elephant lift where a performer places their hands on the floor shoulder with apart and lifts their legs from a straddled stand into a hanstand.

Another possiblility is that youwant to know what is meant by the word feat in the context of gymnastics. A feat is a performance of skill.

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What is Nadia Comaneci Nationality?

She was Romanian originally but changed her nationality to American after defecting from the Communist regime in Romania.

Biggest, Strongest, Fastest and Other Extremes

What is the coolest trick in gymnastics?

For me I think a double back tuck on floor is the coolest and it feels so neat but it depend on who you ask. Everybody would have a different opinion.


Who is the youngest gymnast?

Cale Hursey is the youngest he is 8 but Thomas Miloro is the best he is 10 and the girls are all over Thomas Miloro


How does balance help in gymnastics?

Um, it helps you actually be able to do it. Without balance you'll just fall over and not be able to do anything correctly.


What places can you see muscular girls combine muscles and gymnastic together in front of crowds of people?

You can go to a gymnastics meet. I am a gymnast! A gymnastics meet is like a compitition for gymnasts.


What is the basic skills of gymnastics?

handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, backhandspring, fronthandspring, back and frontwalkovers, back and front tucks

Olympics Gymnastics

What level did nadia comaneci start gymnastics?



Gymastics what is mirroring?

mirroring is kinda like the mirroring in acting its pretty much just synchronized gymnastics or doing the same thing as another person


What are the aau gymnastics levels?

level 2 thru 10


What are the steps for a level 5 gymnastics beam routine?

arm up on beam, swing leg over, one arm back on beam, roll hands so that one is in front and one is to the side and legs are on one side of the beam and one is straight and one is bent, toes on beam, bring them up straight, bend one leg, stand up, small arebesque, toe to ankle, snap turn, step back, step, step step, leap, step, toe to knee and one arm straight in front and one slightly above that then bring both arms out to the side while keeping toe to knee, step forward and roll arms front (weight transfer front), weight transfer back and roll arms back so that you are in a lunge and your arms are up, vertical handstand, land in lunge, bring arms to the side and swing leg front then back, put that leg in back, pivot pivot with arms in crown, step with front leg so that your toes are hanging of the beam, bring back leg beside it with heel up and put arm that has the straight leg in crown and the other hand on the hip, switch back so that foot on beam and leg that had heel up is straight and the other leg meets the other at the knee but then bends out and arm with the bent leg is straight in front and the other is bend at the elbow and touching the inside of the other arms elbow (fish pose), kick leg that was bent out and bring arms to the side but still straight, step in front with the leg that kicked, bring back leg to ankle and arms rounded in front, preparation turn on releve, weight transfer so that the foot that was at the ankle has stepped in front, and the other toe is under, cartwheel, finish in lunge, bring front leg so that it is crossed and slightly wrapped around bottom leg which is straight and roll arms so that the arm with the wrapped leg rolls to straight out in front and the other is slightly above it, step in front with wrapped leg and bring arms down, stretch jump and while in jump bring arms up to crown then back down, split jump with same arms, finish, step, kick with good leg with arms out to the side, step in front with good leg and close with other leg and bring both arms in front so that one is on top of the other, arms back to the side for step step, 2 second arebesque, 3 second scale, step in front, pivot with arms up in crown, straighten good leg and point in front and bend other leg, arm with bent leg is tilted down and other is up slanted past the head, roll arm past head all the way so it passed your waist and the other just comes up without doing a full circle so that both are by ears as you take two steps with arms by ears , 2 second hanstand dismount on side of beam, twist, stick, salute

hope this helps



Does Mary Lou Retton shave?

Since she was in the spotlight at an early age, any unwanted hair is probably long gone & not necessary.


What are the facilities of gymnastic?

Depends what you mean, if you mean womens artistic gymnastics then the standard apparatus are Beam Bar Vault Floor


Why is it important lo learn gymnastics?

Its not really important in life to learn gymnastics if you dont want to. i've been doing gymnastics for two years and it takes a lot of hard work. you cant just go the first day and expect to land your full! I have been doing it for two years and just got my layout last month! But if your flexabile and have some sort of upper body strenght, it might be a little eaiser to learn some moves:) hope i helped!!


Why do gymnasts Have to be small?

You need a high muscle to weight ratio. It's not to say you can't do gymnastics taller, it's just easier, so the best of the best are smaller. Like how monkey bars were easy as a kid, but difficult past 12.


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