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This category is for questions and answers about gymnasts. Gymnasts are required to have strength, flexibility, strength, and many other talents. They often use tools to complete their routines. Many of the tools are variations of rings and bars.

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Can an overweight but not fat person do gymnastics?

They most definantly can. It may be a little more difficult for them to stretch though. This sport will also help them get fit and improve their health. Doing backbends might be just 2% more challenging for them to learn though. It will take maybe a few more days to learn stuff. ...
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Who should do gymnastics?

anyone. Unlees you break your hand doing a forward roll like my best mate. But I do it and its great ...
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Who are the top ten female gymnasts?

At the 2010 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships the top 10 all around gymnastics were: 1. Aliya Mustafina 2. Jiang Yuyuan 3. Rebecca Bross 4. Huang Qiushuang 5. Ana Porgras 6. Lauren Mitchell 7. Tatiana Nabieva 8. Ariella Kaeslin 9. Raluca Oana Haidu 10. Jessica Lopez ...
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Is level 5 USA gymnastics different then level 5 amerikids gymnastics?

AmeriKids Gymnastics is a different sanctioning body than USAG. The time commitment is lower, the pressure is lower. The routines however are MOSTLY the same as USAG with a few exceptions. Level 2 beam in AmeriKids does NOT have a fwd roll. The level 2 Vault (AmeriKids) is hands on the mat fall to back Not run jump hands on board) Level 4 you are ALLOWED to compete a kip. But level 5 is exactly the same. AmeriKids is WAY better...
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Is it possible to start gymnastics at 15?

Yes, although you wont be able to reach the olympic level for quite some time if you start that late. I know a person who started when she was 3 and now is 15 and still hasn't reached olympic. ...
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Who is the most famous gymnast in history?

Well, there's definatley A LOT of famous gymnasts but I would have to say the most famed is Nadia Comaneci because she not only scored the first perfect 10 in history, but she scored 10's again and again! A lot of people know her and her accomplishments even if they don't do/watch gymnastics and that is why I think she is the most well-known gymnast in history. ...
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Where did Shannon Miller grow up?

Shannon Miller was born on March 10, 1977 in Rolla, Missouri and grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma. ...
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What is the difference between a back kick over and a back walk over?

A back kick over(same as back-bend kick over) is where you go into a bridge (all 4 limbs on the ground) then pick one leg up and kick over. A back WALK over is a continuous motion from a stand where only 3 of you limbs ever touch the ground at the same time. I hope that helped! ...
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How does a gymnast with a torn hamstring recover and get back into training?

Sometimes they wont be able to get back into training, but with lots of physiotherapy you might be able to get back into training but it is not certain, it would depend on how badly the hamstring is torn. ...
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What are the phases of gymnastics?

If this question is asking about the 6 phases of the Gymnastics Program, here they are: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel bars, and Horizontal Bar. ---- question is poorly worded unless other countries us the term "phase" differently than I interpret it. First Gymnastics is a broad term. That term covers at least six different sports. What are the phases of Gymnastics is about as broad a question as What are the phases of Ball playing. Which ball sport...
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Why does Beth Tweddle like gymnastics?

Because she loves to walk on balance beams and jump on spring boards!
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How does gymnastics form good posture?

In floor especially, you have to have good posture or the judges will take deductions. also, when you start out gymnastics most coaches will tell you to improve your posture. Hope this helps ...
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What is the record of the longest handstand?

It Is One Week By Ryan Staddon ! The Famous Chloe Staddons Brother With Their Family Mark Staddon, Katie Staddon And Cayden Staddon... ...
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Did Dominique Dawes have any brothers or sisters?

yes she had 1 brother and 1 sister
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Is pyramid a group stunt in gymnastics?

No, gymnastics is not a group sport! It is probably a cheer.
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Why did Vanessa Atler quit gymnastics?

She left even though she was the star of the quadrennium the previous year. ...
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How many gold medals has Dominique Dawes won?

Dominique Dawes won one gold medal in the team competition at the 1996 Olympics. She has also won a bronze in the floor exercise at the 1996 Olympics and a bronze in the team competition at the 1992 Olympics. she also win the silver in the 2000 games in sidney. ...
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Can you start gymnastics at the age of 11?

Yes you can, but it depends on what your planning of achieving, if its going to the olympics, a very slim chance, but if you short, will start training 5-6 days a week for 4-5 hours, naturally very flexible, and determined then possibly you could go to worlds or olympics. If you just want to start, to have fun and be able to do the splits then yes of course its a perfect age. For any sport its fine, as long...
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Is Carly Patterson single?

Yes, Carly Patterson is single (I think). why does it matter anyway seriously? ...
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Does Nadia Comaneci have a granddaughter who is a gymnast?

As Nadia Comaneci was born in 1961 (age 49 in 2011, 50 this November) and only married Bart Connor in the 1990's, she does not have a granddaughter who does gymnastics. They do however have a son named Dylan Paul Conner, born on June 3, 2006 in Oklahoma City. The question may have arisen because of a video on Youtube which falsely identifies the Bulgarian gymnast Boyanka Angelova (born 1994) as Comaneci's granddaughter. ...
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How can you get better at gymnastics if you are frustrated and extremely hard on yourself?

How to Get Better at Gymnastics Just do it because it will help you get stronger and better. If you want a 10.0 then you've got to work your 10.0 best no matter what. Gymnastics is a beautiful sport but it demands a lot of the student and that can become frustrating at times. The most important trait of a gymnast is the ability to concentrate and focus your attention on the tasks assigned by the coach. Gymnasts need to follow directions and...
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Why is gymnastics often considered to be the purest of all sports or athletic activities?

Because the human body can preform movements that are exquisite to behold. ...
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Who is Jaclyn McCartin?

Jaclyn McCartin is the current JO National Champion for level 10 Gymnastics hosted in Puyallup, Washington on May 16, 2009. She took first place on bars, beam, second on floor and first in the All Around. She and her performances are amazing and opened the eyes of many colleges keep your eyes peeled for this Olympic hopeful! By the way she won on a broken foot!!!! Placed 6th at the Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup on March 5, 2010, with a score of...
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Is 10 too old to start gymnastics?

No way. You can start gymnastics at any age. Some people start when they are 4 and others start when they are 12 but you can start any age inbetween. ---- What Gymnastics sport are you asking about? There are in some countries 6 or more different Gymnastic Sports. In the US there is 6 The one that has the oldest gymnast participating in it is Group Gymnastics. There has been athletes in their 80's. Acrobatic Gymnast can get into their 30's...