Olympics Gymnastics

Olympics Gymnastics is a discipline that can be contested by both men and women. Men's events include the floor, vault, rings, parallel bars, horizontal bar, and pommel horse. Women's events include the floor, vault, balance beam, and uneven parallel bars.

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Olympics Gymnastics

What are the names of gymnastic events?

Women's: Uneven Bars, Vault, Floor Exercise, Balance Beam

Men: Rings, High Bar, Floor, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse

Olympics Gymnastics

What are some gymnastics moves on vault?

There is front handspring, Yerchenko, Kasumatsu, Yeo 2, Tsukahara, there are many others but these are just some of them.

Olympics Gymnastics

What is Nadia Comaneci Nationality?

She was Romanian originally but changed her nationality to American after defecting from the Communist regime in Romania.

Olympics Gymnastics
London 2012 Olympics

How many different sports and events were there in the 2004 Athens Olympics?

Sporting Events in the OlympicsIn 2004 there was bobsled, snowboarding, hockey, skiing and speed skating,tea bagging,nut sack race,mum toy change. oyu got trolled
Olympics Gymnastics

What level did nadia comaneci start gymnastics?


Olympics Gymnastics

How can you improve your back swing?

you should start the backswing by swinging your arms back with no thought of your shoulders turning. Avoid trying to turn your shoulders at the start if you do you will chunk. let the shoulders move once your arms are past your right leg

By FutureLPGAgolfer

The answer above is one of the worst things you can do! You have to ONLY THINK OF YOU SHOULDERS TURNING BACK, LET YOUR ARMS GO BACK NATURALLY. You should never worry about your arms in a back swing because if you do then your going to shank it A LOT. If you want to learn more about the swing I'm talking about type in this question in wiki answers.

"What is the correct golf swing plane?"

This will tell you everything you need to know; the arms and hands jobs is to only hold on to the club but the BODY does EVERYTHING. Contact me if you have any questions about this.

Additional comment by golfrobot:

I totally agree 110% with FutureLPGAgolfer on this one. The 'grandfather of golf instruction', John Jacobs, to whom David Leadbetter, Butch Harmon and other modern day gurus pay great respect, summed up the essence of the golf swing as follows:

Backswing: Turn the shoulders, swing the arms, cock the wrists.

Down and through swing: Turn the hips, swing the arms down, uncock the wrists.

The above, done rhythmically, is the essence of the swing. No words sum up the swing better than those.


You want the arms and golf club to start their movement back before the shoulders start turning. The club head has a much longer distance to travel to the top of the back swing then do the shoulder's If you start turning the shoulders with the club, hands and arms you won't have anywhere for them to go once the shoulders have reached their max turn(without a lift to the top). Once the club, hands and arms reached your knee's (or so) then it's time for the shoulders to catch up and start turning to the top. And also, don't listen to anyone who hasn't broke 70 for 18 holes and go see a Golf Professional for real help.

Olympics Gymnastics

Are the victors in the Olympics awarded with anything other than a medal?

a wreath of garland

Olympics Gymnastics

Is level 5 USA gymnastics different then level 5 amerikids gymnastics?

AmeriKids Gymnastics is a different sanctioning body than USAG. The time commitment is lower, the pressure is lower. The routines however are MOSTLY the same as USAG with a few exceptions. Level 2 beam in AmeriKids does NOT have a fwd roll. The level 2 Vault (AmeriKids) is hands on the mat fall to back Not run jump hands on board) Level 4 you are ALLOWED to compete a kip. But level 5 is exactly the same. AmeriKids is WAY better than USAG IN MY OPINION because its a funner atmosphere it is cheaper and its a MUCH better way of letting EVERYONE compete (levels 2-basically 9) anyways check out AmeriKidsgymnastics.com for more info

Olympics Gymnastics
Rhythmic Gymnastics

In rhythmic gymnastics what do beginners do?

You just start stretching your toes and getting your flexibility up. I do harder

things because I am in Level 5.

Olympics Gymnastics
Summer Olympic Games

Are the Olympic games truly global events?

Since the Athens games have more participating teams than the UN has members, it is a truly global event. To be sure, many small countries are only represented by one or two athletes with no realistic chance to win a medal, but their presence -- proudly announced in the Opening Ceremony, highly visible in the Olympic Village -- gives the games an unquestionably global color. This is hard to see on TV, which focuses almost exclusively on the events where Americans do well and downplays the rest.

The Winter Games are a much smaller affair -- fewer events, fewer participants -- given the fact that large parts of the world suffer from an acute lack of snow and ice. "Outsiders," like the famously inept British ski-jumper and the "cool-running" Jamaican bobsledders, are now largely excluded, for their own safety most of all and for the integrity of the sports. But the winter games are also a chance for small countries -- Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, etc. -- a rare chance to earn the global spotlight.

Olympics Gymnastics

Who was the male gymnast who ran into the vault?

Brian Meeker

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Olympics Gymnastics

How has war changed over the years?

War has changed. Its no longer about nations or idealoligies or ethnicity. Its an endless series of proxy battles fought by mercenaries and machines. War and its compsumtion of life has become a well oiled machine. war has changed. ID tagged soldiers carry ID tagged weapons, use ID tagged gear. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities. genetic control. information control.emotion control. Battlefield control. Everything is monitored and kept under control. War has changed. The age of deterrence has become the age of control. All in the name of averting catastrophe from weapons of mass destruction. And he who controls the battlefield... controls history. War has changed. when the battlefield is under total control... war becomes routine.

Different answer: War was routine when it was fought with rocks every season by the same tribes. Technology changes, levels and capacity change, but basic tactical, logistical, and strategic issues never change. The Iraqis face the same problems against US tanks and bulletproof armor that Germanic tribes faced against heavily armored and organized Roman legions. The actual issues of engineering change, but the difficulties, how to defeat an enemy you can't directly harm in a stand-up fight, how to utilize or adjust weapons incapable of dealing lethal blows against enemy armor in a single strike, how to organize a system of traps to disrupt the supply lines of a force you can't confront directly.

Another example would be international arms races, arms regulation, and cold wars. The first recorded cold war was between the Sumerians and the Elamites 6,000 years ago. They utilized proxy forces, shifting alliances, arms races, and political maneuvering in much the same way as the US and USSR until Sumeria annihlated Elam in one quick war after several hundred years. The pope banned the crossbow in the tenth century. He believed it killed people so brutally, so efficiently, that no society could survive incorporating it into a war, and it would mean the end of Christendom (and indeed the crossbow has killed many times more people than the nuclear bomb, which I compare it to in terms of it's initial tactical value). Crossbow units for years did not fight but simply marched onto or near battlefields to get the enemy to leave, or faced off with other crossbow units without violence.

Olympics Gymnastics

Is it possible to start gymnastics at 15?

Yes, although you wont be able to reach the olympic level for quite some time if you start that late. I know a person who started when she was 3 and now is 15 and still hasn't reached olympic.

Olympics Gymnastics

Perfect 10 American female gymnast?

Mary Lou Retton was one

Before Mary Lou Marcia Frederick and Tracee Talavera earned '10's' on bars in 1979,

First American woman to earn a "10" in the Olympics was Mary Lou's teammate Julianne McNamara won 2, on bars and then floor, before Mary Lou earned her's on vault.

Olympics Gymnastics
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What is a perfect score in bowling?

it depents what type of bowling you are doing in Canadian there is 5 pin bowling which the high score in that is 450 but in 10 pin bowling the high is 300

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Olympics Gymnastics

What type of underwear do basketball players wear?

anything namely Y fronts

Olympics Gymnastics

What are the different events in gymnastics?

trampoline, pole vault, uneven bars, platform, floor, balance beam

Olympics Gymnastics

Are GK leotards the best brand?

I only wear GK leos and they are in fact the best leos. Even our competition leos are GK, They are the best.

Olympics Gymnastics

How many events are there in gymnastics?

For women there are 4 (vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise) for men there is 6 (floor exercise, pommel horse, vault, parallel bars, steel rings and high bar)

Olympics Gymnastics

What gymnastic events are in the Olympics?

The Men and Women in Olympics do different events.

The Women's events are:

  • Floor
  • Vault
  • Uneven Bars
  • Beam

The Men's events are:

  • Floor
  • high bar
  • pommel horse
  • parallel bars
  • still rings
  • vault

There is also rhythmic gymnastics (for women)

And trampolining (for men and women but they compete in seperate categories.)

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Olympics Gymnastics

What is the 'Starting Value' in gymnastics and why is it different for each gymnast?

This is they way in the Olympics

With the difficulty of your skill(vault) or the combination of all your skills(beam,floor,and bars) you come up with a start value on difficulting(such as a 6.6) then a 10.00 is added with a 'Starting Value' of 16.6 then to get your final score they deduct the points and then you get your end score.

AnswerEach element in a routine is categorized by difficulty, in sections A-E, with A being the simplest, and E being the most difficult. The starting value is the summation off all of these skills' Degree of Difficulty score. AnswerFor most compulsory gymnasts the starting value is 10.00. But the more elite the gymnast the more variations there will be within start values. Say there is a college gymnastics team and one girl is going to only do a front handspring on the vault (which is a very simple skill) and another girl is going to do a tsuk (a very difficult skill) it would not be fair for the judge to base both vaults off of a 10 because the front handspring should be absolutely perfect. So because the front handspring is an easier skill it has a lower start value. AnswerThe other answers are pretty good but what pretty much how a routine is scored.

There is there is an A and a B judge. The A judge adds up certain points (that are known to all gymnasts and coaches) for each skill that is completed sucessfully. The B judge score out of ten and deducts for any mistakes i.e. falls, wobbles, extra swings/steps, bent arms/legs, low landings, "closed shoulders, incorrect body positions etc.These to scored are then added together to give a final score for the gymnast. On vault a score is tabulated for each vault and then the average is found( at major competitions and the Olympics). On other occasion the higher score is taken.

Olympics Gymnastics

What 6 events do male gymnasts compete in?

from memory...

Floor, parallel bars, uneven bars, rings, vault, and horse.

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Olympics Gymnastics

What is the process and requirements for becoming a gymnast in the Olympics?

It would depend on what country you're from. If you're an American, check out the Web site of the US gymnastics team: http://www.usa-gymnastics.org/ If you are interested in becoming a gymnast in the Olympics you must first find a very good gymnastics club with very capable qualified coaches have some talent and be willing to work extremely hard. You need to train anywhere from 16 to 30 hours a week to be able to train your body to remember the movements and the skills.

Olympics Gymnastics

What is the governing body in gymnastics?

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Olympics Gymnastics
Rhythmic Gymnastics

10 example of non-locomotor movement?

Some examples of non-locomotor movements are twisting, bending, swaying, swinging, stretching, turning, pulling, pushing, falling, and dodging.


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