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There's no reason an Asian can't be in Harry Potter if you look up Halle Berry, You'll find she's an African American that has fulfilled several roles originally written for a white actress, such as The Flintstones which originally had no African members but her acting was so good they cast her.You'd have to keep your eyes pealed and find out if and when they were auditioning and jump on a plane!I wouldn't attempt to do this if you weren't 100% positive you could fulfill the role they were looking for.and even then it's not gaurenteed you'd get the part as there's a lot of compettition.Good luck X

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 23:16:02
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Q: How do you be a part of the cast of Harry Potter audition or be part of it when im an Asian and im on my own country?
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How do you audition for a role in Harry Potter if you live in New Zealand?

You can't. Only people from the UK can audition for Harry Potter movies.

What if you dont live in the United Kingdom and you want to audition for Harry Potter?

You can't. All Harry Potter actors must be British unless the character is from another country.

Can you audition for a part in Harry Potter movies if you are Australian?

-You can only audition for roles in the Harry Potter movies, if you live in the United Kingdom, or Europe I believe.

To which address do I have to write to for participating in an audition for the Harry Potter movie?

go to and that will tell you where to send papers to audition for harry potter

When are the main extras needed to audition for Harry Potter 6?

It is past time to audition as an extra for Harry Potter 6. The final installments of Harry Potter 7 were released years ago, and the series is done.

How can you audition for Harry Potter's children?

No more movies about Harry Potter are being made, so there are no auditions.

Can you audition for Harry Potter movies if you are European?

Yes and no.Only British and Irish people could audition for the Harry Potter movies and as the United Kingdom and Ireland are in Europe they are European but so are Spanish people but they couldn't audition for the Harry Potter movies.Auditions and filming are completed.

Do You Need your Passport to Audition for Harry Potter?

Yes. You need a british passport to audition

How can I audition for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when I live in Australia?

Auditions are closed now for all Harry Potter films. There are also regulations about who can audition. For example, you must be British or Irish to audition.

How do you audition for the 7th Harry Potter film?

Sorry, but all of the auditioning for the Harry Potter movies have been completed

Who got Daniel Radcliffe to audition For Harry potter?

his mummy

Can you audition for Harry Potter movies if you are Arminian?

Your religion doesn't matter. You have to be British or Irish to audition.

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