How do you be transvestite in secret?


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By not cross-dressing in public, and not telling anyone...

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Yes he is the biggest transvestite alive

Yes... I know a transvestite when I see one.

No, Lady Gaga has never been a transvestite.No.

The word 'transvestite' literally means 'cros-dressing' so a woman who dresses as a man could also be called a transvestite.

A transvestite is a cross-dresser, a man who likes to dress in woman's clothing, so if you like that you are a transvestite. If a beautiful woman walks by and all you can do is think "holy cow, where can I find those shoes...?" ... you might be a transvestite. If you know you look better in a teddy than your wife does, you might be a transvestite. If your fake breasts are bigger than your girls, you might be a transvestite. If the supermarket stops selling "Max Factor Complete Foundation" and you panic because it's the only thing that covers your beard, you might be a transvestite.

The "t" stands for transvestite so t4m means transvestite seeking a man.

Dame Edna Everage is not a transvestite. "She" is a character performed by an actor. Got that, possum?

The only way to know is to ask. Being a transvestite doesn't indicate any sexual orientation.

The cast of Transvestite Academy - 1991 includes: Bill Fenway

God or Evolution depending on your belief system. If you are asking who came up with the word 'transvestite', it was Magnus Hirshfield in 1910.

people think that eve may be a transvestite because it seemed to have made eve and the only way to do that is to have both organs

It is not against the law to be a transvestite in America. It is against the law in certain other countries, especially Muslim countries.

You don't. You are either a transvestite or you are not - much like being pregnant either you is or you ain't. You may learn that the name for your dressing is transvestite but you don't "become" anything - that would mean you could unbecome and that's just not possible.

A transvestite is someone who dresses and acts like a person of the opposite sex. Bill Kaulitz is not a transvestite, though his style is sometimes described as "androgynous." In addition, Bill is not a transsexual man or woman, which is a person who chooses to identify as a member of the opposite sex.

In most cases, a female transvestite looks just like a girl in more masculine than usual clothing. If you are asking how to tell if a transvestite is male, as long as they are not trying to seduce you, what does it matter? They deserve the same polite manners and human respect as a non-transvestite. What's under someone's clothes is none of your business until they make it so (dating etc.)

No Marilyn was a woman from birth.

A girl that dresses in boy's clothes.

No Marilyn was a woman from birth.

A boy that wears girl's clothes.

His drunk transvestite lover.

marge simpson transsexual

An example of a transvestite is a man who dresses as a woman (oftentimes in private, but not always) usually for sexual gratification - that is, the man becomes sexually aroused by dressing in women's clothing. A transvestite may also be a woman who dresses in men's clothing for the same reason. This is not to be confused with being transgendered/transsexual.

A crossdresser, a man who wears womens clothing.

actually,she is not,she just made that up

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