How do you beat Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic The Hedgehog [Master System]

Green Hill Zone

Act 1

This level is super easy. Hit the beetle when it comes near you. Then collect the coins and

hit the monitor that has rings. Then kill the crab when you start walking down the hill.

Then you start running up the hill, collect the rings as your running up the hill. You will

see invincibility. There will be a curve at the bottom of the hill, it will jump you if you

roll into a ball. Then kill the crab and jump on the platform the curves side to side

above the spikes. If you fall on the spikes when trying to jump on the platform

you could possibly die if you don't get out of the spikes fast enough. Then kill the hornet

as your walking aside the hill and collect the rings along the hill and hit the monitor

that will give you a checkpoint. Then jump on the platform above the spikes

and collect the rings that Will be above the platform your standing on and don't fall.

Then walk down the hill. kill the hornet and jump on the moving platform above the spikes.

Then kill the crab and go into the exit to go to act 2.

Act 2

Once the act begins collect the rings. You'll fall into an underground tunnel. go into

the water and kill the crab. The crab shoots orbs out of its claws that are the colour

yellow. Don't get hit by spikes above you. Then jump out the water and jump up the steps

until you are out of the underground tunnel. Then get the coins and kill the hornet.

Then you are at the part where you can get the first chaos emerald. After you kill the

hornet, walk into the tunnel. Next kill the crab and jump up and kill another crab but

the crab you have to kill is a one you have to roll into. If you jump the spikes will

hit you. Then fall down the waterfall and viola, you got your first chaos emerald. Go out the tunnel you were in before. Bounce on the spring that will bounce you up. Go in another

tunnel and jump over the waterfall then Bounce on the spring that will bounce you out of the

tunnel. Collect the rings and jump on the moving platform then roll into a ball, that will

the exit.

Act 3-Green Hill Zones Boss

This boss is to easy. Jump over the first pit. Then jump in the second pit for an extra life.

Bounce out of the pit. Then run up the 2 hills to meet the the boss.

You need to hit him 9 times. the boss will float in the air for a while (it's possible to

hit the boss while he's floating in the air, but it's hard to do). When the boss comes down

the first time hit him 5 times. Then the second time hit him 4 more times to defeat him.

Bridge Zone

Act 1

This zone is tricky. Try to kill the snail thingy and jump over the the water. Fish Will

will pop up out of the water while you jump over the water. Then you will be on flat and

low land. Watch out for the hornet, if the orb that it shoots out hits you, it could

bounce you into the water and you could die. Don't let the spring hit you in the water.

Then walk on the bridge. Kill the fish while you walk on the bridge. Then another bridge

that when you walk on it the bridge will fall so hurry it up. After you cross the

bridges, kill the hornet and jump on the balance scale (the balance scale is a thingy

you step the first platform and the water jug will bounce of and then when the water jug

falls on the second platform and it will bounce you up). Bounce on it 2 times and go on the

platform next to you. Then hit the checkpoint monitor. Then jump on the moving platform

above the water. Then hit the monitor with rings and walk on the half bridge and jump on

the moving platforms that go up and down. Then jump on the bridges and watch out for the

spring at the end. Kill the hornet and jump on the balance scale. Let the balance scale

bounce you 3 times to get an extra life at the top hill. Then cross the and kill the fish

along the bridge. This your chance to get your second chaos emerald. On the bridge

stand on the first piece of it and let it fall until it almost touches the water and then

jump and then you got your second chaos emerald. Then cross the bridge to go to the exit!

Act 2

On this act the screen is moving right and it's slow, it can get real annoying if you

keep dying in middle of the act. Jump over the water where the fish are then cross the

bridge and kill the snail thing. Then jump on the balance scale, let it bounce you 1 time.

Then cross the bridge and kill the hornet. Then jump on the platforms an get the ring

monitor. Then cross the bridge and kill the hornet and jump on the platform. Then cross

the falling bridge. Hit the checkpoint monitor. Go on the bridge and look down, you will

see an extra life floating in the water. You have to be fast to get it. Jump on the

platform. Then jump on the bridge and jump on the platforms over the water. Jump on the

balance scale and let it bounce you on the falling bridge, cross it to reach the exit.

Act 3-Bridges Boss

Go all the way back for an extra life. Cross the bridge and go on the platform to meat

the boss. This boss needs 8 hits. When he comes out of the water, the 1st time

hit him 3 times. The 2nd time hit him 3 times. The 3rd time hit him 2 times to defeat him.