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Q: How do you beat the cutting tool puzzle in Virtual Villagers 2?
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How do you beat virtual villagers the lost children?

Beat all puzzles

How do you beat virtual villagers 4 the tree of life?

Well idk the requirements for the puzzles but search somewhere else like google and type in virtual villagers 4 walkthrough. And It Will tell You the requirements for the puzzles i kinda just got it im working on puzzle 5 if you have a better answer correct me! Thx!

How do you beat virtual villagers a new home?

Complete all 16 puzzles

How do you beat virtual villagers 2?

As far as I know, you don't "beat" the Virtual Villager games. The goal is to raise a thriving village, to survive, raise children, and train your villagers to be accomplished in many areas and eventually become esteemed elders.

What happens when you beat virtual villagers?

nothing happends because they invisible anywhere what do you thnik happends when they go inside the room and come with a baby ,what would be happening in the room?

How do you beat the puzzle on spectrobes origins?

which puzzle there are many of them

How do you beat puzzle 6 in virtual villagers origins?

First, you must buy Level 3 farming tech, and possibly Level 2 Fertility tech as well. Then, drop a master Farmer in the lagoon, they will "hunt a strange fish". Keep dropping your Master Farmer into the lagoon until he/she comes out with a large white and blue fish and Brings it To the food bin.

How you beat puzzle in Pokemon Silver?

which puzzle youre talking about

How do you beat the poster puzzle?

how do you beat the poster puzzle ikll give u a tip start the edges then the middle

How do you beat virtual villagers 3?

I'm guessing you have to complete all the puzzles. If you want to finish everything, you should win all the awards, build all the puzzles, and have level three in everything (including your chosen faction.)

How do you beat Virtual date with jen?

Virtual Date With Jen is an online dating game. You beat the game by seducing her after successfully courting her.

Is it possible to beat pharaohs puzzle on ameba pico?

Yes it is possible to beat the puzzle on Ameba Pico Facebook Ive done it before You just have to think and get in the flow of the puzzle Think outside the box Lol ^^