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Q: How do you beat the ghost in the first floor dinning room in luigis mansion?
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What floor is the wardrobe room on in luigis mansion?

it is on the third floor then go threw the parlor roon then go threw the anteroom

Where is Mario's glove in the luigis mansion?

My memory is blured since I haven't played that game in a long time, I think Mario's glove is in the washer on the first floor.

How do you beat floor one on Luigis haunted manchon?

check the link.

How do you get to the basement in the Pokemon Mansion?

There isn't a basement. There is only the first floor.

Where is the laboratory on cryptids island?

In the museum, first floor right in the Mews mansion.

How do you get to the second floor in the mansion in Super Mario 64?

Get the first star then go back in.

How do you get the fire element in Luigi's Mansion?

Defeat the Ghosts in the First floor's mirror room.

How do you get the tea in Pokemon HeartGold?

first floor of the cleadon mansion, there is an old lady that give it you

Where are the videos on cryptids island?

The Cryptids Museum is on the first floor of the Mews mansion, to the right.

Where to get the tea in Pokemon FireRed?

Go to Celadon city and enter the Celadon Mansion. On the first floor of the mansion, there should be an old lady who will give you tea.

How do you get the tea in Pokemon firered?

Go inside celadon mansion and talk to the old woman on the first floor.

How do you get to 4th floor in Pokemon mansion?

The Pokémon Mansion in the Pokémon games contains many rare Pokémon. There is no 4th floor to be found in the mansion.

What do India's sit on when have their meals?

They sit on the floor when they are eating at the temple, but at house on the dinning table.

What floor do you find Grimer in cinnabar mansion in fire red?

first floor farback cofffing is back their 2. any more questions contact

Where can mansion floor polish be obtained?

Just want to know if Mansion Polish is still available and where can get it.

Where is the projection room in Luigi's mansion?

on the first floor of the mansion across from Melody's room when entering this room you are in the billiards room and you must walk to the right to the door to enter the projection room

Where is the butler's room in luigis's mansion?

when you go through the door in the foyer on the 1st floor go left until you reach another door go inside that room and the door on the other side of the big shelf go thru that door nd that's the butlers room i probably didnt help cuz i couldn't explain it

What is Main floor of mansion called?


The Beverly Hillbillies Is there floor plans for the mansion?


How do you get to the last floor in the mansion LeafGreen?

search on the secong floor of the mansion until you find a guy that looks like a scientist, then you will see that the floor below him is cracked, just walk into the cracked floor and you will fall to the bottom floor, but there are two craxked floors, walk into the bigger one because the other one will reset you downstair but not in the bottom floor

Where is the museum on cryptids island?

The Cryptids Museum is inside the Mews mansion (first floor, right). You will review the videos there and bring evidence to the lab.

Which floor in the Pokemon mansion is the key to cinnabar gym in?

no. 2

Inside of a haunted mansion is a person pooping on the floor?


Where do you catch Ditto on FireRed?

I got it in the mansion on the island on the bottom floor

What floor is the key on in the Pokemon mansion?

it is on the ground somewhere it is on the ground somewhere