Jesuits (The Society of Jesus)

How do you become a Jesuit?

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Becoming a Jesuit priest is a rather long process. The vocation should be a calling that comes from God and training should be taken in a Jesuit institution. It ends with Holy Orders and Ordination.

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How do you make a sentence using jesuit?

My cousin is studying to become a Jesuit priest.

What was Jesuit seminary?

A Jesuit seminary is any seminary either run by Jesuit priests or run for the training of Jesuit priests.

Where is the Jesuit college?

there are many Jesuit colleges

What does does Jesuit seminarian mean?

Jesuit seminarian refers to a man who is studying in the seminary to be a Jesuit priest.

Define Jesuit clerics?

Jesuit clerics are men studying to be Jesuit priests, normally, although the word could possibly be used to refer to Jesuit priests.

Has a religious order priest ever become pope?

Yes, there have been a number of ordered priests to become pope but Francis is the first Jesuit.

What is a Jesuit Catholic?

A Jesuit is a Catholic priest or brother who belongs to the Society of Jesus. I have never heard of a Jesuit Catholic.

Has there ever been a Jesuit pope?

No, there has never been a Jesuit pope. However, there are currently (Feb. 2013) several Jesuit cardinals.

Can a Jesuit become pope?

Any adult male Catholic may become Pope, although if you are not a Cardinal under the age of 80, your chances are pretty slim. Any Jesuit Cardinal would have the same likelihood as any other Cardinal, it's up to the Holy Spirit and the cooperation of the Cardinals with Him.

What is a Jesuit College?

Jesuit College is an all boys Catholic school.

What is the Jesuit war?

There is no such thing as a "Jesuit war" that I know of in Catholic history.

Is the pope jesuit?

The current pope, Pope Francis is indeed a Jesuit.

Was St. Francis an early Jesuit?

Francis Xavier was an early Jesuit.

Was St Francis of Assisi a Jesuit?

No; St Francis of Assisi wasn't a Jesuit.

Was Pascal a Jesuit?

No, Pascal was not a Jesuit, he was a layman and not a part of any religious order.

When was Wheeling Jesuit University created?

Wheeling Jesuit University was created in 1954.

When was Loyola Jesuit College created?

Loyola Jesuit College was created in 1996.

Who do Jesuit Volunteer Corps work for?

for whom do members of the Jesuit volunteer corp work?

What is a French Jesuit?

A French Jesuit is a Catholic priest who belongs to the Society of Jesus and is from France.

Why is Pope Francis referred to as the first Jesuit pope?

The Jesuits are a Catholic order of priests and other religious people. Pope Francis is a member of the Jesuit order. No other Jesuit has ever been pope, so he is the first Jesuit pope.

What is the difference between a Jesuit priest and a Catholic priest?

A Jesuit priest is a Catholic priest. A Jesuit is someone who is a member of the Society of Jesus, which is a religious order in the Catholic Church.

What are non-jesuit priests?

A Jesuit belongs to the Society of Jesus, a religious order. Any non-Jesuit priest, therefore, does not belong to the Society of Jesus order.

When did Robert Munsch become an author?

Bcuz he changed his mind he wanted to be a Jesuit Priest but he changed his mind and wanted to be a children's author.

Is there a Jesuit University in Iraq?

yes. Google Jesuit university Iraq and you will see a page all about it

When was McQuaid Jesuit High School created?

McQuaid Jesuit High School was created in 1954.