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Q: How do you become a Spider-Man cj in San Andreas?
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How does CJ become Vegeta in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

How does CJ become Spiderman in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

How can CJ become a Spider-Man in grand theft auta San Andreas?

hi hope you get this. cj can become spiderman but first you need a computer then download gta san Andreas for PC then in Google tipe [gta spiderman mod and this is true what i am saying so good luck and if you need anny help just tipe in vidio gta san Andreas how to down load mods

How does CJ become Batman in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

there is no cheat for that in san Andreas , you have to mod your game

Paano gumagana ang cj maging super man sa grand pagnanakaw auto san Andreas?

paano gumagana ang spiderman sa gta san adreas?

GTA san Andreas how cj become powerufl?

You need to mod your game

How does cj become john cena in gta san Andreas?

john cena

How cj become john cena san Andreas PC cheats?

Cena mode

How does cj become iron man in grand theft auto san andreas?


How did CJ fly in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

CJ flew to San Andreas because Sweet told him about his mom's death.

Can cj get married in San Andreas?

no cj can only sex

What is the cheat to turn cj white in gta San Andreas?

cj white

Gta San Andreas become a balla?

Unless you are playing MultiPlayer, you must be CJ, in Grove Street.

What is the cheat for cj smokes on gta san Andreas for ps2?

how do you make cj smoke on ps2

What is the mod to unlock super cj on Grand Theft Auto san Andreas ps2?

wats mode unloke super cj in the gta san andreas au ps2

How old is CJ in San Andreas?


How does CJ get the Kamehameha in San Andreas?

you mod it

How does Cj become Ghostrider in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

CJ cannot become ghostrider in an unmodded copy of GTA SA, even with cheats. However there may be MODs available online which let him become ghostrider.

How do you get zombie in GTA San Andreas PC?

In order for CJ to become a zombie in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas you must download the zombiemodification off of the internet. :-)

How do you get vagita in San Andreas?

you kill cj mom

How can cj smoke weed on gta san Andreas?


Is there a train on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

There are trains on GTA San Andreas which CJ can drive. An example is the station across the road from CJ's safehouse garage business in San Fierro. He can get on the stationary trains parked up in the tunnels there.

What was CJ's brothers name on GTA San Andreas?


Can cj do drugs in san Andreas for ps2?

No he doesn't like them

How do you get skins for CJ on San Andreas ps2?

Sorry, you can't.

Who killed CJ mum in San Andreas?

big smoke