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go to scouts and play football

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Where do you go to become a football scout in London?


What do you have to do to become a football scout?

bob the builder says .........go to mini scoutslearn to play footballand then you know how to play football scouts

Cub Scout is to eagle Scout as rookie it to?

Hall of Famer Less than 2% of all boy scouts become Eagles

How much does a football scout earn?

There is no limit to how much a football scout will earn. The payment depends on the player they accept.

What is the salary for a professional football scout?

My dads a scout and he gets paid 35pounds

What is more impressive on a resume eagle scout or played football?

Eagle Scout of Course. It trumps football by a good 100000 yards or so.

How do you become an NFL Scout?

Take an NFL scout course.

How do you become a football legend?

To do some skills next to a scout that's what messi did! For more information follow ms on twitter my name is lordxmoon9

What do you call a person who is looking for football players?


How much is it to become a scout?

The amount varies depending on what kind of scout you want to be.

Where did scout become mature in the last year?

Scout from To kill a mocking bird?

How much money does a football scout earn?

The amount of money that a football scout earns varies. This may be between $45,000 and $95,000 per year depending on the club they work for.

How much money does a college football scout make?


What is pro youth football?

if a scout is watching you for a couple of weeks and think you are a very good football player.

Do you need an arrow of light to become an eagle scout?

No. The Arrow of Light is a Cub Scout award and is has no impact on Boy Scout advancement.

What age do you become a Scout?

For Boy Scouts of America (BSA), a boy can become a Boy Scout at age 11, or age 10 if they have earned the Arrow of Light rank as a Cub Scout.For Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), girls become a Scout when they join. GSUSA has different age levels, but they are all considered to be Girl Scouts.

When did Neil Armstrong become an Eagle Scout?

In 1947.

Why to become a boy scout?

Don't it's boring

Why does scout become annoyed with dill?

scout gets anoyed because she doesn't get included in the games between him and jem

Can you be a scout on LOTR conquest ds?

No you cant become a scout on the ds version you can only be a ranger melee or mage.

What must a marine do to become a scout sniper?

Volunteer and apply for Scout Sniper school, be accepted, and pass training.

How do you become a talent scout for a sports team?

you have to play for a sports team to become a talent scout it takes years of experience, you have to eye the best players from high school and college

Why does the teacher become annoyed with scout?

a teacher becomes annoyed with scout because they do not listen and do not pay attention so they do not learn.

Can you become a pro football player without going to college?

if im really good at football can i become a pro football player

What can you do after retirment from professional soccer?

You can become a coach, a manager, or a scout.