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Battle for the XP until you reach Level 6.

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How do you become a genin in Naruto arena?

you just have to earn enough exp and get 6 lv

How did Naruto become a genin?

Naruto became a genin After Having S$$ With Sakura

How do you get to genin in Naruto arena?

its either you are not strong enough or you dont reach level six (genin at lvl six)

In what episode of Naruto does Naruto become a chunin?

He is still a Genin

How do you become a ninja in Naruto?

You have to pass the ninja academy to become a genin, when youra Genin, you are classed as a PooPo Dunder Head

What manga does Naruto become Hokage?

Till now naruto is genin in the manga and has a long way to become hokage.

Where is the Chunin exams on Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4?

u have to beat genin and become a genin elite then it's in rankings

What is the next rank after a academy student in Naruto?

genin then you become chunin then jounin then you can become anbu

When does naruto become chunin?

He is still a Genin and probably will be the one till he becomes Hokage

How do you become genein in naruto-arena?

very simple actually just do ladder rank and level up till you get to a 6 then it will say you have become a genin. you can only level up by winning battles but you need exp first and the higher level u become the higher exp u need.

Who in Naruto are Geminis?

In Naruto Naruto and his generation are all genin except for Guy sensei's team (Rock lee, TenTen, Neji). In Naruto Shippuden, Naruto and Konohamaru's generation are genin.

What episode of naruto show Kakashi as a genin?

there are no episodes showing Kakashi as a genin, however there are two where he is shown at the average genin age. they are Naruto Shippuden episodes 119 and 120.

What episode does Naruto become a chunin?

Never... he is still a genin

How much experience for genin in Naruto arena?

Either a lot or little depending if this question is directed towards the original series or Shippuden and which arc

Why do genin in naruto arena have karin?

some people on naruto arena reset their accounts due to the amount of losses they have ie 17-82 but they still keep all their characters unlocks, ive seen a academy student will naruto (s) and curse seal sasuke lol

What rank of ninja does sage naruto become?

I think Naruto is still a genin, whether he's in sage mode or not, but I think eventually Naruto will become a chunin, jonin, and hokage at one point.

What rank is Sakura?

In Naruto she is a Genin. In Naruto Shippuden she is a Chunin.

Is Naruto a special jonin?

No, he is a genin

How is Naruto becoming Hokage?

He is still genin

When does Naruto become a jonin?

He needs to become a chunin first. He may just go straight from genin to Hokage tho too. As far as the series goes now tho, he is just a genin who is the stronger then any ANBU

Who is chunin in naruto Shippuden?

Everyone that was genin in the start of the Naruto series becomes chunin in Shippuden. Except for Kankuro, Gaara, Temari and Neji- They have become Jonin Naruto was gone so he is still a genin Sasuke left so he's a rouge but his powers match that of a jonin or higher

How do you unlock people in Naruto arena?

You unlock them by doing missions, you can find them in the homepage, if you are a genin you can only do D and C rank missions... Also you can do 1 on Shippuuden.

How do you become a chunin on naruto-arena?

You need to level up to level eleven.

What is the cheat in Naruto-arena?

There is no cheats for naruto arena

How do you become a chunin in Naruto arena?

become a level 11. they will make you a chunin then