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you need to have won the cruiser weight championship with your caw

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jeff hardy and rey mysterio but i will say jeff is better

He had done well in his career and was a high-flyer now.

You must walk to the ropes until you are leaning on them, and then press the the punch button. It should work. This works if they are lying down or standing up.

Sandhills High Flyer is a jumping pony who is very special to peoples hearts because he is so adorable!

go to WWE shop and buy the golden plates depending on what the superstar is ex. (high flyer, submission, dirty, powerhouse, brawler, and hardcore) then buy it for the person

The High Flyer - 1926 was released on: USA: 30 September 1926 UK: 6 June 1927

It flew below 100 metres from the ground.

no he is a heavyweight and christian is a light heavyweight

Kodie Lake goes by High Flyer.

yes. he jumps off of the top turnbuckle so that makes him fly high!

First off they are called partner stunting, and it is when a person throws a flyer into the air high enough to catch the flyer at their feet equaling a partner stunt.

Jeff hardy is a high flyer he usuly wins

i cheer in high school and the heaviest is about 130 and the lightest is 86

things into which the wrestlers are best at for example if you like jumping off the turnbuckle then you are a high flyer if you like making people tap out then you are a submission specialist there are many techniques submission showman brawler powerhouse technical wrestler and high flyer

Dual stunts in gymnastics are stunts made with a partner. An example is when a person throws a flyer into the air high enough to catch the flyer without touching the ground.

STRETCH , is number 1 ! espeicially if your a flyer, you will need to be pretty flexible. And 2 ; search youtube for videos on formations for tumbling, and basic formations like a high V... Trust me, it works :)

He's a high flyer because he's always using the ropes to his advantage

Randal H. Roberts has written: 'High-flyer Hall'

To become a professional cheerleader, you have to do cheerleading in high school, and be pretty good. Like, you can be the base person, but you have to rock at it. But being the flyer is better. Anyway, then you go into some college (with a scholorship is good) and try out for the team. If you make it, yay for you! If not, too bad, so sad. :(

The cast of The High Flyer - 1926 includes: Cissy Fitzgerald Ray Hallor as Tom Ernest Hilliard Reed Howes as Jim Earl Metcalfe Paul Panzer as McGrew Ethel Shannon as Winnie Josef Swickard

yes he is he is the father of WWE superstar the high flyer Evan Bourne

The funnest ride at Water World, in Denver, Colorado, has to be the Mile High Flyer!

Yes it is obvious the high-flyer is on top of WWE!!!!! Hardy Hardy

High Rise - 2009 was released on: USA: 31 March 2009

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