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How do you become a knight?

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Becoming a Knight: There were only a few ways in which a person could become a knight. The first way was the normal course of action for the son of a noble: When a boy was eight years old, he was sent to the neighboring castle where he was trained as a page. The boy was usually the son of a knight or of a member of the aristocracy. He spent most of his time strengthening his body, Wrestling and riding horses. He also learned how to fight with a spear and a sword. He practiced against a wooden dummie called a quintain. It was essentially a heavy sack or dummie in the form of a human. It was hung on a wooden pole along with a shield. The young page had to hit the shield in its center. When hit, the whole structure would spin around and around. The page had to maneuver away quickly without getting hit. The young man was also taught more civilized topics. He would be taught to read and write by a schoolmaster. He could also be taught some Latin and French. The lady of the castle taught the page to sing and dance and how to behave in the king’s court. At the age of fifteen or sixteen, a boy became a squire in service to a knight. His duties included dressing the knight in the morning, serving all of the knight’s meals, caring for the knight’s horse, and cleaning the knight’s armor and weapons. He followed the knight to tournaments and assisted his lord on the battlefield. A squire also prepared himself by learning how to handle a sword and lance while wearing forty pounds of armor and riding a horse. When he was about twenty, a squire could become a knight after proving himself worthy. A lord would agree to knight him in a dubbing ceremony. The night before the ceremony, the squire would dress in a white tunic and red robes. He would then fast and pray all night for the purification of his soul. The chaplain would bless the future knight's sword and then lay it on the chapel or church's altar. Before dawn, he took a bath to show that he was pure, and he dressed in his best clothes. When dawn came, the priest would hear the young man's confession, a Catholic contrition rite. The squire would then eat breakfast. Soon the dubbing ceremony began. The outdoor ceremony took place in front of family, friends, and nobility. The squire knelt in front of the lord, who tapped the squire lightly on each shoulder with his sword and proclaimed him a knight. This was symbolic of what occurred in earlier times. In the earlier middle ages, the person doing the dubbing would actually hit the squire forcefully, knocking him over. After the dubbing, a great feast followed with music and dancing. A young man could also become a knight for valor in combat after a battle or sometimes before a battle to help him gain courage.

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Can anybody be a knight in Medieval Times?

You were to have to born from a rich family to become a knight and train.. it wasn't your choice to become a knight or not. --------------- To become a knight one had to be son of a knight.

Did Chaucer become a knight?

No, Geoffrey Chaucer did not become a knight.

Could any kind of boy become a knight?

A boy had to be son of a knight to become a knight.

How did a squire become a knight?

He becomes a knight at the age of 21 after training to become a knight. His teacher, a knight, knights him, thus he becomes a knight. Knight is a fun word :D

What made someone eligible to become a knight?

They have to become a page or a squire before they become a knight

How do you become a pactagonal knight in Dragon Fable?

You cannot become a Pactagonal Knight.

What are the steps you need to undertake to become a knight?

In midevil times, to become a knight you neede to be the son of a knight. At age 7 you become a page, which is like "knight school", at age 14 you become a squire, which is when you serve a kight, and at ages 18-21 if you have mastered page and squire, you become a knight.

How did knight become knight?

Silly question

How long does it take to become a knight?

It took 11 to 15 years to become a knight

What did the boys do to become a knights?

The only why to become a knight is if your father was a knight or you did something very very good and the lord will make you into a knight

How does a knight become a squire?

A squire becomes a knight...

What were the steps to become a knight?


At age 7 what was expected of young boys who wanted to become a knight?

Only a boy that came from a noble family could become a knight. They had to first become a page, then a squire, and at the age of 21 they would become a knight.

How to become a knight?

You have to be knighted.

How is a knight chosen?

A knight is chosen when a squire wants to become one.

How to be a pactagonal knight in dragonfable?

You cannot become a Pactagonal Knight in Dragonfable.

Did knights have family's?

Of course they had families. To become a knight a boy at 7 was sent by his noble family to another noble to be trained to become a knight. At 21 he became a knight.

Why would a person become a knight in the middle ages?

It was expected of a young noble boy to train as a knight. He left home at 7 to become a page to a knight and stayed in his service until 21 when he became a knight.

What equipment is needed to become a knight?

what equipment does a boy need to becomes a knight?

Who can become a knight?

anyone can be a knight. it is just a very long and hard process.

What happens to kanima and yukie in vampire knight?

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Is Knight Rider going to become a series?

There is going to be a new knight rider series. (Knight Rider 2008)

Can a medieval knight become a lord?

they were ..

Can a serf become a knight?

yes it can not

A young nobleman who was sent off to learn how to become a knight?

a young nobleman who was sent off to learn how to become a knight is ? a page