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How do you become a repossession agent?


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Well my advise is DONT DO IT! But if you really want to know:-

OK, Are you married? Can you work 12 to 15 hours a day 6 days a week? Do you have nerves of steel? Are you able to take the last grain of hope from some one, that is down on there luck, or going through the lost of a love one and still be able to do your job? Or being able to handle or defuse a situation like having a gun in your face, and being told to give back there car or there going to kill you. These things that I mentioned and asked you, are only the tip of the iceberg. Don't get me wrong though, these things don't happen all the time, but when they do, for the first couple of times, or even every time, depending on the person that you are, it will really mess with you as a human being, and it will let you know, if you where meant to be a repossession agent. I became a recovery agent 5 years ago, and when I had my first gun put in my face on the job, I almost quit the next day. All I could think about at that second, was my wife and family. That's why I ask every one that asks, this question, I say "Are you married"?


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To become a repossession agent in Minnesota a license from the state is required. A tow truck and license to operate it are also needed.

my answer is to just go to oklahoma and just you becomes a repossession agent..........this is not real DONT DO IT.

search on "recovery agent" + OHIO" in your browser.

Click this link. Read it and thinks about it. Good Luck

Repossession of what? Who? The repo agent?

Be Human Being. There are no formal laws or requirements regulating that state as of yet.

I am a repossession agent in Virginia it takes 2-3 months of not paying before the repossession status occurs.AnswerI am a repossession agent in Virginia it takes 1 missed payment then repossession status occurs.

How much do repossession agents commonly make?

No, as long as you have verification of who your repoing it for or if you have the title and papers saying they owe you.

A certified copy of the contract is all that is needed to obtain a repossession title in the state of Indiana. One does not have to be licensed to become a repo agent in Indiana.

The repossession agent shows up and takes the car if everything goes correctly.

In many of the states where repossession licenses are required, the new or prospective repossession agent will be required to apprentice with a licensed repossession agent. The repossession company will hire new drivers to ride with older, more experienced drivers who teach them the trade. In some cases, new drivers may be required to rider for a time in a "spotter" or camera car. Apprenticeships typically last for one year.

Usually Repossession agencies look for Repoman that have their own truck with a wheel lift and show proof of insurance. Recovery agents should obtain a Class A license.

What qualifications and licenses are required to repossess vehicles in the state of Nebraska?

The repossession agent is not a law enforcement agent, and has no such authority.

The active towing company will need REPO insurance and REPO agents. And some REPO clients.

They repo agent will take it when your not looking. The agent still has a job to do and only get paid if the jod is complete.

Only if they want to be charged with kidnapping. NO.

If you are in manitoba you can apply with the manitoba sherrif department they deal with most of the repos also you can apply with a towing company such as dr hook or tartan towing

When you purchased the car, you may have received a lien title from the state. This is not a clear title of ownership. The lender in essence still owns the vehicle, at least part of it. It is held in security for the loan. If you are a repossession company or agent, you will be required to have an order of repossession. But, if you are a repossession company or agent, you should already know this.

After repossession, the lien holder or agent sends information on how to reclaim the vehicle; if the owner does not respond or cannot repay the outstanding debt, the agent removes all personal belongings and sells the vehicle at auction. You will then be liable for the difference in what it sells for and the balance on the loan plus repossession fees.

Get yourself a business license and some clients.

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