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How do you bias a 2N5777 photo-transistor?


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connect the base of the transistor to a variable resistor and to a normal resistor


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The 2N5777 is a Darlington silicon NPN photo detector, or, if you prefer a photoDarlington. A link is provided to a bit of data on this device.

Emitter, base & collector.

1st pin is emitter then collector and base

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Habitat Bias, Taxonomic Bias, Temporal Bias, and Abundance Bias

Fixed Bias,Self Bias, Forward Bias, Reverse Bias

What? Bias is a one sided opinion

A: Forward bias is a scheme to bias a device so that it will conduct riding this bias voltage. a reverse bias is a voltage to keep a circuit off or not conducting.

foeward bias has a +ive charge ,and reverse bias has -ive charge,,,,,,

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Not necessarily. Bias is just an opinion. Therefore, you can have a good bias (I believe that this is amazing), but you can also have negative bias (Myspace sucks!) In electronics, bias can be either negative or positive.

of course stability of self bias circuit is much greater than fixed bias circuit

Forward bias implies that your device is sensitive to bias direction and you have selected one of them. There is also an implication that it is probably a steady bias. So forward bias generally implies a dc bias in a selected direction called forward bias in the device you are looking at. Now the question is actually put the other way round. DC bias means a steady state bias. Whether or not it is forward or reverse bias depends on whether or not the device is sensitive to the direction of bias. If it is not sensitive to that, it isn't forward bias (or reverse bias either). If it is sensitive to bias direction, then it would be in a state of either forward bias or reverse bias, and you would need more information in order to say which one. So, finally, the phrase "dc biased" is NOT the same thing as "forward biased".

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It is a bias of a fixed voltage supplied by a separate low-power bias supply. Early radios used a 9 v tapped bias battery. In some amplifiers fixed bias can be dispensed with and the bias voltage is derived from one of the currents in the circuit.

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