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If you have the cell phone number call your cell phone provider and tell them the number you need to have blocked. If its an unknown number, there is no real way to block it.

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2010-04-21 23:27:07
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Q: How do you block a caller on your cell phone?
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How do you block a specific number on your cell phone?

you have to go to your cellphone carrier (att tmobile ect.) and they will block it for you Actually it depends on what type of phone you have. If you have a newer Android phone you can block the number from your phone by editing your contacts and sending the caller straight to voicemail.

How can you block your caller Identification on your bell phone?


How can you block your caller id when making a phone call?


How do you block your cell phone number when making a call?

Dialing *67 before the number will prevent your number from showing up on caller ID or being retrieved via *69. On a Cell Phone you need to dial #31# before you number *67 wont work on a cell phone(not in Canada anyways) This is what works for me when I need to block cell numbers

How do you tell who called your cell phone?

Look on the caller I.D

What is 67 phone code?

it is to block the caller id feature on the person you will be calling

How do you block call on cell phone?

it depends what cell phone

Can you block 911 from a cell phone?

Depends on what cell phone it is.

What does no id mean on a cell phone?

It means that there is no caller ID from a call you got on your cell.

What type of fees are charged for blocking caller ID?

There are no fees for blocking caller ID. All one has to do to block caller ID is push *67 prior to dialing the phone number you are calling. This will block ones number from appearing on either a cellphone or land line phone

How can you make your cell phone say out of area on caller ID?

Program it in

Block number from showing on caller ID?

"star" 67 then the phone number you are dialing

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