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How do you block a user in frienster?

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Regular contributors cannot disable a block on a user. Only Supervisors can disable a block on a user.

i block the account of my friend//

If you want to unfollow that user click on the followers link and find that user on that page. When you find that user unfollow him/her or if you want to block that user I think you have to click on that users name and there might be a block link.

Ring them up and shout BLOCK EGG

Based on the actions of the user, Supervisors decide whether or not to block by looking at past and current contributions, and Supervisors also receive advise from the other Supervisors and their Mentors. If the Supervisor sees many reasons to block the user, the user is then blocked.

you can block internet connection for user account simply by using monitoring software, such as websense, WFilter etc.

Apakah cara untuk saya membuat frienster ini?

1. Go to My Connections > Friends 2. Click on the X on the right of the person you wish to remove. 3. When asked "Do you really want to delete this friend?" click YES In order to block a friend in friendster....... Wen the person sends you a friend request u could accept it (yes), Deny it (no), or to ignore the request (block user). Another way to block someone is wen they send u a message, there are 5 options (reply, forward, delete, block user, or spam) click on the one that says block user.

click the down box by there name & click Block User! And WALA!!!

Go to that persons page and at the bouserttom it will say block this user and just click it.

Yes, they have the ability to un-block a user.

you can't, just set your profile on private

Go to their username, try to follow them then at the top of the screen it will tell you that "this twitter user has blocked you from following them.

The only thing you can do is bookmark the user. Check back every once in a while to see if this person has made any recent contributions. Have you ever reported him to a Supervisor? If not, you should, because they can block him from using this website, or if you are a supervisor you can block the user.

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Wen you get t o the frienster page go to the one that says help.

You can unblock a Gmail user by removing the filters. Filters are the ones that block somebody. Removing filter will reverse the effect.

Report them.Either to an Adult,or just simply 'Block' the user.

If you are a registered user of the site, you can go into your settings and turn them off.

Go to the tab that reads 'privacy' on the top right hand corner and then on the bottom of the page it says 'Block People' and then you enter in the persons name and click the 'block' button.

go to their profile and where it should say add this person, should say something like block this user

If you properly block a Youtube user, they will not be able to see your channel or reply to your comments.

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