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How do you break up a relationship?


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It is easier to break up a relationship after the first three months, or the infatuation phase. If you are a male trying to get with the girl, hire an escort and get her to go over to the guys place when the girl is supposed to get there. Yes, you will have to do some spying to do this. If you are a girl, just get the guy drunk and seduce him and make sure his girlfriend finds out about it.


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Anything can break up a relationship. What will break up a relationship depends on the two people involved.

To break up an object: partir, quebrar.To break up a relationship: terminar, separar.

Relationships break up when either or both of the members of that relationship come to the conclusion that the relationship is not working and cannot be fixed.

It wont be right to break up another relationship, unless the relationship is sinful. But to breakup a sinful relationship, it is best to communicate with the parties involve.

to sabitaja their relationship

People have been known to get back together after a break up. Provided that you understand why the break up happened, and have corrected that problem (whatever it may have been) the relationship can still work.

no it isn't fighting in a relationship leads to break up.

You don't. How do you think it would feel if someone broke up a relationship you were in?

It depends on how close you were before the relationship, and the circumstances of the break-up.

Orion died before they could ever have a 'relationship' to break up from.

You did not explain the reason for wanting your dad to break up the relationship. If you feel the relationship is unhealthy you can sit and talk to dad, let him see the need to dissolve the relationship

its were if you break up with me i get everything you own

It can. It doesn't have to but it can.

Mature people do not break up other people's relationships. No matter how angry and individual is or perhaps jealous and foolish enough to think if they break up a relationship the person they love will come back to them is far from the truth. The person who wants to break up the relationship should mature and move forward in their life.

No. Taking a break from a relationship is another word for breaking up for a while.

A break up is oficial when you are happy the relationship is over...instead of missing the other person.

When people are in love and they break up, it could be to take a break from the relationship. Most people do this to put their relationship to test, but it usually back fires in most cases.

never break up a relationship because karma will have it happen to you, wait for them to break up and then make your move on the will happen eventually...

i believe it is when you are in a relationship, then you and the person break up, then you get back together and so on and so on.

Well you could make up a roumor about them

This would be called a break up.

No he isn't. He may like her but he knows that she's off limits so isn't trying to break up her relationship.

No. its not worth being in a platonic relationship with a person after break up because may be he's just trying to revenge.

To break up a friends relationship first off isn't the best thing to do considering they are your friend but if you don't want to be their friend then keep reading. To do it is very simple. Say to each of the people in the relationship that the other is going to break up with them so that they will break up with that person before. another way is to flirt with your friends other to win them over. I hope this was a help~!

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